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RANT! Do you need the Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid?


Colour correcting is all the rage at the moment with every makeup company coming out with all sorts of products in different formulas. You get tubes of creamy liquids with brush-tipped applicators, serum correctors, primers, crayon-like sticks, and powders, thick and mousse-like creams . . . and that’s just out the top of my head!

It would be short-sighted and stupid of me to call Read more

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WIN! WIN! WIN! (Closed)




Hello my angels, I know my giveaways have been sparse, that’s because my website has been down for months, as you know, if you have been following me on my social media! But I figured I’d do a giveaway to celebrate Read more

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POPPIN’ or FLOPPIN! Colourpop range {Review and swatches}

Colourpop has been blowing up our phones on the Gram! My YouTube feed is bombarded with my favourite YouToubers using, reviewing or dedicating entire videos to this brand and its products.

The hype surrounding this US-based company is huge on social media and beauty gurus like Youtuber Kathleen Lights , Instafamous MUA Megan Naik and most recently, model and actress Karraeuche Tran collaborating with this ‘affordable’ make up line from the City of Angels (LA) with limited edition collections.

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Low Stomach Acid? The dangers!!!!

Hi my angels today, isn’t a make up review, I know, shocker!!!

I wanted to review a test that I was given at my local Skin Renewal (One of SA’s most reputable health, wellness and beauty franchises with centres across the country), where I have my skin treatments and buy my skin care products.

I was tasked to take a test for low stomach acid.

I’m sure we all have heard the saying what’s inside shows on the outside and people having been saying this for ages and there’s a reason for this, it’s true.

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