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Yesterday I went to Clicks to pick up some cotton pads and as I walked past the makeup aisle, a glint of gold caught my eye. It was a blush with a gold spray of a flower fantasy pattern and I wondered why I hadn’t seen it before. There was just one left, so I knew it was fate.

The price nearly knocked me off my feet. R45 bucks for a blush? I snapped it up together with a lipstick and gloss duo in the Vintage Peach.

So I’m probably a bit late on this, but this blush and lip product is way too pretty not to share my thoughts on it. It’s a pity that the gold colour is an overspray because he gold is very beautiful, That said, get a few wears of the gold and peach mixed together , it gives of the peachy/coral, golden colour with  an amazing shimmer.

When you say goodbye to the gold, you’re left with a pretty decent peach, satin finish blush. While it goes on bright, the colour fades fast and only wears for about two to three hours.  This is not not an investment buy, but it’s a nice blush to add to your collection if you u like the peachy coral shades of blush and don’t want to break the bank to get them.  It’s a pity this is a LE  blush. You can still go out and check Dischem and Clicks, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a few floating around.

Now for the lip duo.  I got the shade in Vintage Peach [a peach-orange with a slight gold sheen. The colour payoff in the lips stick is very poor but the gloss is highly pigmented and you can pull off wearing the gloss by itself. With orange being huge this spring, this is definitely a lip-gloss I be looking to shaking up my look.

Overall, Essence has done really well in developing these LE collections and the formulas have really improved .These colours are bang on for spring.  I wish I had known about this collection earlier, would have loved to have tried the nail polishes and eye shadows.

Great value for money, on trend and beautiful for the price.


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