Beautyblender (the egg you can’t eat)

I have one word . . . AMAZING!!!! It looks like an egg but it doesn’t have a shell. Instead, it ‘s suede and pink and one helluva make up sponge . . . it’s the famous Beautyblender.

This elliptical-shaped beauty revolutionized the make up world and it’s made my life a bit easier too.


The Beautyblender comes in this super-cute plastic package! Love!
The Beautyblender comes in this super-cute plastic package! Love!


The Beautyblender’s shape allows you to get into the hard to reach places of you face like the inner corner of your eye, the sides of you nostrils , the tip of your nose and blends foundation well into your hairline. It is latex free, non-allergenic and odour free.

For a long time I put off buying the Beautyblender, because it wasn’t easily accessbile to me in South Africa. Then I saw that stocked them, I got one and the cleanser too.

The Beautyblender cleanser.
The Beautyblender cleanser.

It also never interested me because I prefer using brushes to apply make up.

But after getting the Beautyblender I changed my mind and now believe that sometimes a sponge can do a better job than a brush. I haven’t been wrong since 2001 . . . but that’s another story!


I use the Beautyblender for foundation and it gives off flawless finish with a dewy, satiny glow! I use it to blend my MAC highlighting and contouring creams. I’ve even used it to blend in MAC’s cream colour base in Shell, which I use as a highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and it blended in like strawberries and yogurt in a smoothie maker.

It looks like a miniature Easter egg when dry, but when damp, you’ seriously think a huge chicken laid that egg!I do not know why I am making so may egg references, I don’t even eat eggs . . . I’m vegetarian.

The Beautyblender dry.
The Beautyblender dry.




Beautyblender damp.
Beautyblender damp.

Anyway, this is the way I like to the Beautyblender. Once you apply, your cream or liquid foundation, use the bottom side to press the foundation into your skin in bouncing motions applying pressure that’s ever so slight. I use the tip of the sponge for concealer and it applies evenly and smoothly. The reason I love the sponge is because it doesn’t pull and tug at the skin. Maximum effect with almost no damage. Hey, sometimes I have a heavy hand . . .

It’s also great for sheering out thicker make up, making it easier to use and play around with the finishes! Yes, play, with your make up, that’s the way you learn!

I clean my Beautyblender with the Beautyblender cleanser, but a mild shampoo and water will do just as well.

BUT, there are some cons . . . no sponge is perfect. . .

I do not know where to store it for maximum longevity? Help anyone?

I currently use the original packaging that it came in, which is super cute by the way.

I’ll have to keep it is an aerated plastic container.

The Beautyblender with not last you forever like a well-maintained MAC brush, so get the thoughts of keeping it as an heirloom out your head!

It will lose it pretty pink colour after a couple months and wear out.

And of course there’s the hefty price tag! That’s the thing, because it is so pricey I fear I may tear though it when my nails are long. I don’t want to be worried about how delicate it is. I want to use it with no fear!

However, if you are a perfectionist and want to create a flawless face quickly and easily, this is for you.


There are plenty of dupes out there, but I will admit, this sponge is of superior quality.

Where to buy:


Price: R299 for a single

Beautyblender cleanser: R219 for 150ml







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