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It’s difficult being a prisoner to Smashbox primers, even if you think of trying out other primers when your beloved primer is down to the last drop. Do you cut the tube with a pair of scissors to get every last drop out? I do! lol

But for the sake of the love of make up and to bring you an alternative, perhaps, I tried the Inglot Makeup Under Base.


Here’s the skinny on the primer.

It claims to:

Absorb excess sebum

Subtly mattify the skin without making it too dry

Make foundation last longer.

Be hypoallergenic and suitable for ALL skin types.


The claims
The claims

It comes in a clear plastic tube and the primer is a clear gel.

The Inglot Makeup Under Base is a clear gel.
The Inglot Makeup Under Base is a clear gel.


The Inglot Makeup Under Base applied smoothly onto my face. Alarm bells rang because it applied it first and it felt a bit too silky smooth. You, know, the smooth of those really slippery silicone primers that could well elope with your make up to Las Vegas. But, boy was I wrong.

The Inglot Makeup Under Base doesn’t absorb immediately. It dries matte in a couple of minutes (yes, let’s give this guy a chance to work). The matte feel is comfortable, not tight at all.

I know some make up primers that have left my face dry and taught; I used to be scared to change my expression, no laughing allowed. Yes, that’s a true story.


I tried this primer with the Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Face and Body Camouflage makeup to test if it really did make application smoother.

Now if you’re familiar with EL Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation, this guy is the bizzzness. He doesn’t play around. You may need a hammer and chisel to take it off if you use too much. Ok, I’m kidding, maybe 100% industrial strength make up remover!

While it does apply well over my Smashbox primers, the application of the Estee Double Wear Maximum Coverage Face and Body foundation was smoother than normal. I applied a tiny amount and it applied seamlessly. I usually go in with a second layer (Hey, judge me, don’t judge me, there are days when I like to pack it on!) I didn’t need another drop. The foundation literally melted into my skin and my face, the foundation and I were one with the universe. I used less product and my skin looked flawless!


My foundation, lasted on me from 7.30am to 5.30 pm. Yes and while after hitting the 4-hour mark I did notice a bit of separation, on my T-zone, but with a quick stipple, the foundation went right back where it belonged. I didn’t have to add ANY additional product. Yes, my compact took a break.

Does it do what it claims? Yes! Will I buy this again? Maybe, I’ll switch it up now and then and when the tube’s finished, you will get an update!

Have you tried the Inglot Makeup Underbase? If you have or are going to try it, please let me know your thoughts.


Price: R299

Where to buy: Inglot cosmetic counters across the country or



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