Treasure in a pan . . . Bronze glow highlighter from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown’s holiday collection 2014, Scotch On The Rocks, was a nothing short of amazing.

But one product stood out for me and when I saw it swatched, I knew right then and there that I needed it in my life. It was the Highlight Powder in Bronze Glow.

Clearly, lots of others needed it in their lives too because it was sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. I went to every Bobbi Brown counter in Jozi and called every stockist to find out if they had it and the answer was always: “No, it’s sold out.” You know I hate those words – they really make my stomach do back flips!

It was literally one of those MAC Whisper of Guilt moments . . . the traffic in my head wouldn’t stop, I kept thinking: “I could have had it, maybe if I shot that red robot on that Saturday while going to the mall or if I hadn’t sneezed because that held me back 10 seconds!”

Well, after sulking for a month, I made peace with the fact that I missed out and threw in the towel . . .

But that all changed two weeks ago, when I was checking my Instagram and found a photo of the highlighter and that saw that it was for sale. I immediately asked if I could secure the buy and the deal was done and dusted.

When it arrived, the angels and their mums sang while their twin sisters played the harp . . .

Bobbi Brown Highlighter Bronze Glow . . . Look at that packaging *drool*
Bobbi Brown Highlighter Bronze Glow . . . Look at that packaging *drool*


The packaging . . . oh my soul! The tortoise shell compact is classy and elegant – a move away from the traditional solid black packaging Bobbi Brown is known for. The product is equally amazing. It’s one of the creamiest powder highlighters I’ve used – this bronze shade is warm and golden and looks really great on brown skin

Amazing maze!
Amazing maze!

I love the maze-like pattern on the highlighter, you get lost in thought just staring at its beauty.

And it’s practical too, with full side mirror and push open mechanism so you don’t have to pry it open and chip your perfect mani.

Applied to the highest points of your cheekbones and on the cupids bow (to create the illusion of fuller lips), this will bring out your best features. It works beautifully when applied over a matte bronzer to get that all over sun-kissed glow!


The Bobbi Brown Highlight Powder in Bronze Glow will leave you looking and feeling like a bronze goddess!



So, you guys are thinking, why am I reviewing this? It was limited edition and is all gone, no? Wrong. I got mine from Instagram’s princessnoosboutique and it’s genuine and brand new. Now, she doesn’t have another one of this, but that’s not to say someone else doesn’t.

This seller is a Jozi-based make up collector called theprincessnoo. Keep a lookout for her on Instagram, she is a true beauty, inside and out and ships across the country so don’t have to look outside the borders or cross the Atlantic or Indian oceans to find amazing limited edition or other make up or beauty products from brands you can’t find in South Africa.


Price: R580

Other Instagram sellers you can trust that are legit and professional, based on my experiences and rave reviews are

dazzlinggloss (Lakme products)


They have make up products from brands Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dose of Colors, Lime Crime, Lorac, Morphe brushes, Lilly Lashes and much more.


It’s worth checking them out and the prices are usually reasonable.



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