{Review} Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers

A pair of nude stiletto heels, a gorgeous clutch, the perfect red lipstick and a little black dress is all I need to feel sexy. This classic glam look never goes out of style! Well that’s what I think any way.


Now, I’ve added the Two Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers to that essential mix. Hey, I mean, when I got married I binned my Little Black Book  . . . 😉 I did keep it during the engagement until I was officially married . . . you know, anything can happen during that time period, you feel me? So I got this Little Black Book of Bronzers as a replacement!

Too Faced Litte Book of Bronzers.
Too Faced Litte Book of Bronzers.

Bronzers to me are life! I am as brown as a peanut but I love bronzing up my dark skin. It just gives a healthy glow and some of them can be used to contour with. #browngirlobbsessedwithbronzer

When I think Too Faced, I think of Geminis, my ex-boyfriend’s sister, chocolate and bronzer!

The iconic Chocolate Soleil bronzer had me lusting after it as soon as I smelt of it!

I watched endless YT videos where beauty vloggers would whip out their Too Faced bronzer and contour and warm up their faces, before, sniffing it and saying “ It smells like chocolate!’

So, why does it smell like chocolate? The bronzers are infused with cocoa powder, not ‘hot chocolate’ the real makhoya!

Cocoa is also rich in anti-oxidants when you drink it or eat it, not sure it does anything for your skin. But there you have it, it is what it is.


This limited edition set is a collection of eight iconic bronzers from the Too Faced line and includes the newest edition to the Two Faced’s bronzer line, the Dark Chocolate Soleil! Halaala, thank you Too Faced for considering brown girls!

The thing about these bronzers is that they’re not shhhheeeep. I’m mean, I’m tjatjarag not a fool! So before I invest in something that ssssspensive . . . I want to at least swatch and try the stuff to test them, which in our case (South Africans or readers that don’t get Too Faced cosmetics in their country) is not possible. Too Faced cosmetics doesn’t ship here, so 3rd party sellers, selected online stores in SA and ones that ship internationally are usually expensive, especially when you add customs into the mix.

The Two Faced Little Book of Bronzers is described as the ULTIMATE bronzing wardrobe. There are cool illustrations on the book’s inside cover that give you a guide on what bronzer to wear according to the day of the week, outfit, mood and magical moment. The packaging is super cute and the concept super cool!

You have some reading material in this book.
You have some reading material in this book.

All the bronzers are super pigmented and easy to blend, so nothing will look choppy and the shimmer shades have a glorious sheen . . . not sparkle central!

The bronzers:


Milk Chocolate Soleil: This is lighter version of Chocolate Soleil. It is also matte but more suited to lighter beauties.

Chocolate Soleil: This iconic matte bronzer works on most skin tones (if you have skin deeper than an NC40, then skip this). It’s perfect for everyday contouring (not very intense if you’re my skin tone) and creating an all-over deep tan.



Monday (Power Player)


Dark Chocolate Soleil: This is a darker version of Chocolate Soleil that’s perfect for more sculpted contouring, creating a more dramatic, deep matte bronzed look. This is a welcomed addition for me, who is dark skinned and sometimes wants to go darker with my contour to really chisel out my cheekbones without a hammer. However, if you are a deeper than an NC45, this may work as a face powder or will not show up on you at all. 🙁

The beauty of these three bronzers is that they are warm enough to bronze with and cool enough to contour with.

Wednesday: Date Night



Snow Bunny: This is a highlighter on me . . . it still smells like chocolate and has four shimmer shades of white, golden brown, pink and light bronze (champagne?) that when blended together and applied to the face give off a natural radiance to the skin. You can also use each strip as an eyeshadow, which I think is pretty cool. However, once you blend it all, it’s kinda gets jacked up and the individual strips blend into each other. Nevertheless is a beautiful bronzy /rose gold. Perfect for ALL skin tones.

Tuesday: Lunch with Mum


Pink Leopard: This has brown, pink and light bronze leopard design that is marketed as a blush. This is just straight up glow! This can be worn as a blush topper or a rocking highlight on my skin tone and darker. You can also apply a light dusting of it where the sun naturally hits your face for all-over glow. It’s pinky bronze hue is soft but striking. Brown girls can especially strike a pose and take a selfie with this on!

Thursday: Girls Night Out


Beach Bunny: This is like the darker version of Snow Bunny with four strips of brown, copper, and golden brown shades that when blended together gives a beautiful shimmery bronze. The bronzy sheen is unmatched! Great for MOST skin tones. It can however be too warm for very pale skin.

Friday: Play Hooky


Endless summer: This bronzer looks a lot like the Chocolate Soleil bronzer, the OG. But this isn’t a matte bronzer. I have not worn it for 16 hours but all the bronzers are long wearing. What makes this bronzer different is that it has slight shimmer that gives a bronze glow, not sparkle. Suits most skin tones. Again, those with really deep skin tones will not see a difference.

Saturday: Love, Peach and Festivals



Sun Bunny: This duo is made up of a bronzy brown with a pink undertone while the other side is a golden brown, Swirled together, this creates a gorgeous, peachy, golden brown. It is not overly shimmery but a happy medium to the point where you can’t dust it on your face as a bronzer. Suits ALL skin tones and is perfect for dark skinned girls like me or even deeper. #wocofcoloursayyyaaassss

Sunday: Sunday Funday

These are 8 bronzers that are petite weighing in at 2,5 g each  A regular sized product is 10g.

Yes, they are small pans, but you will be able to fit a brush into them, use them, test them and the packaging looks great on any vanity!

So what have I decided to go out and get in the full size? Definitely the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Pink Leopard, Sun Bunny , Beach Bunny, Snow bunny and Dark Chocolate Soleil .

Price: $49 (US)

Price: I paid R1200 for the Two Faced Little Book of Bronzera, excluding shipping. I know, it’s sssssspensive but worth every penny.

Ordinarily an individual bronzer costs $30 – $32 (USD) depending on where you buy it from.

We may pay anything between R600 and upwards for an individual bronzer.

Where to buy: http://biovea.net/ZA/ does stock Too Faced products as does www.hastagawesome.co.za , which are South African online stores. You can also try amazon.com or www.beautybay.com.

muse.sa ,who is a South African IG 3rd party seller that I trust and delivers incredible service.


Oh, and the bronzers are Gluten Free, just putting it out there! And yes (virtual sniff), IT DOES SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE!

Will you be buying any of these iconic Too Faced Bronzers? Have you tried any of them? Which is your favourite?

Let me know down below.

Love you beauties more than bronzer, now that’s HUGE!

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful.



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8 thoughts

  • This is a stunning Little Black Book of Bronzers …… and they smell like chocolate !!!
    I have not tried any Too Faced Bronzers. Looking at your swatches, Chocolate Soleil and Pink Leopard would be favourtites 🙂

    • Hi angel, I agree, it really is gorgeous! And the smell of chocolate is intense, in a good way 🙂 Great picks, I adore Pink Leopard too. Thanks for always supporting me. I really appreciate it.

    • Hi Lucinda, thank you for your kind words and i am glad u liked the review. They are expensive . . . and are to get, but if your hands on one, GRAB it!!!xoxo thanks for taking the time to stop by, I appreciate it.

    • hi Sophia my angel, thank you for your comment. I take it, you love them all? 🙂 That’s fine too 🙂 Thank you for your unwavering support. Means a lot. xxxx

  • This Book looks magical! I love that it is so versatile with shades that could be used for light and deep contouring; blush; and highlighter. Its’ multi-purpose ability makes it more worth purchasing especially since there is a hefty price tag attached to it. I love the swatches of all the colours and I hope Too Faced will join Benefit and E.L.F in their journey to SA. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us, xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

    • Hi angel Rivania, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, it is a superb little black book of sheer joy! U are so right, it’s completely multi purpose and like heaven. I wish Too Faced would bring their brand here. I love their stuff and I have a few things on my wishlist lol. Thank you agin, your feedback is amazing. Kinda gives me a bit of direction! lol xoxo

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