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I’ve never paid tooooo much attention to mascara. Not because I don’t like it, truth be told, I feel naked without it.

I have naturally long lashes and I’m often asked if I wear false eyelashes. My eyelashes touching my sunglasses is also a bit annoying But it is what it is . . . I mean on the other hand, I have very weak teeth! Go, figure

I only do a double take when mascara makes my lashes look lifeless or extra voluminous. I don’t care how many people call me a magosha, I love the look of long, thick lashes and I’m sure most of you do too. The mascaras I’m reviewing are volumising mascaras.


When I received the Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara #01 Black (L) mascara, I was over the moon. I had bought it before but could never justify a repurchase because it’s sssssspensive.

I gave this guy another go because well, it’s Lancôme, high-end and I like the idea of slapping on expensive mascara on my lashes from time to time.

I bought the Essence  Lash Princess Volume Mascara on a whim. It came in a set with the Essence Eyeliner Pen . . . honestly I didn’t expect much didn’t expect much (Quick recommendation, the Essence Eyeliner Pen is the bizzzness)




(L) Very sexy. Tapered at both ends, not bulky, makes you feel sexy just looking at it

(E): Super cute! The corset design is gorgeous and doesn’t make you feel just sexy . . . it’s a ‘Victoria Secret model’ sexy.



(L) Black

(E) Black


essencelancomebristlesThe Brush

Side note, I don’t have a preference for natural/synthetic bristles over rubber bristles, if it works, doesn’t poke out my eye or render me blind, I’m down for it!

(L) It has the Power Full Brush that promises lashes that are six times thicker and perfectly separated. The brush has 1000 sensor bristles. Mmmmmn, sounds like it should be hair styler or a function on a car, no?

Anyhoooo, the brush has a beautiful curve and twist that allows you to really grab and curl your lashes as you apply it. It has more bristles than the Essence mascara so doing your bottom lashes can be tricky. It lengthens and adds great volume.

(E): Rubber/plastic bristles. They are spiky but it doesn’t double up as weapon, so you can put in in your clutch and go to the club and you won’t get bounced!

The cobra-like shaped bristled brush cups the lashes from root to tip. No issues there. I does the job of lengthening and curling and gives va va voom volume!



(L) It has SoftSculpt™, a system of soft, emollient waxes that are combined with the PC/PA polymer system to produce up to six times the lash volume without clumping, or so the claim goes. Ooooooh, how fancy does that sound?

The formula is creamy, a little too creamy for my liking. I prefer mascaras that have a drier formula. This took a long time to dry down and it did smear on application because it is also a thick formula. When it does dry down, it doesn’t move, your lashes cannot go bungee jumping with this! By the end of the day, it does flake. Taking it off not the easiest. It requires patience. If you want to get this off in one swipe, go for it, if you don’t mind losing lashes.

(E) The formula of the Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara is not wet nor is it stiff. It’s the perfect medium that dries down in a fair amount of time. It dries down and sets, not like you’ve sprayed your eyelashes with hairspray and you can use your eyelashes as weapons. You know that hard, spiky effect. This doesn’t have that. It does flake off at the end of the day. It is not difficult to remove


Overall, these mascaras are evenly matched, but the formula was the deciding factor. I prefer drier formula mascara.


Even though the Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara #01 has more sensors than my car, the Essence Lash Princess Mascara is the BOSS! #bosskemang


Essence  Lash Princess Mascara

Where to buy: Essence counters across the country. I believe Red Square, Dischem and Clicks are the front-runners

Price: R63,50

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara #01

Selected Lancôme counters nationwide or

Price: R420

So, whose your BOSS! Let me know down below.

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all so so so much



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Hi beauties. Bosso Ke Mang, which means Who’s the Real Boss? is the title of a song made famous by South African rapper Hip Hop Pantsula, also known as HHP. In this series, I take two similar products and put them to the test and decide which is better in my opinion. NB. These views are based my own experiences and in no way infer that the brand is rubbish and is in no way intended to bash the brand across the board nor offend anyone who loves a product I don’t like. It is simply a case of preference and what did/didn’t work for me. This is a monthly series on my blog. 

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  • Wow! Who knew the under dog would win this round…. its awesome that a cheaper product compares so well to a high end one. Thanks 4 the great post! I’ll be sure to pick up Essence mascara when my current one is done xo

    • HI Luncinda, I am so glad you enjoyed the post, I must say,I was pretty wowed by the essence mascara. It really is divine! Yay for the cheaper option! It is a boss ke mang 1st!!! thank you doll for your wonderful feedback.

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