Rose Gold? essence All About Bronze {Review and Swatches)



The only essence eyeshadows that have wowed me have been their singles. Their I heart nude single shadows are some of my favourites.

That said, when the essence All About Nudes palette first came in I was not impressed that six-pan palette that blended into . . .

well . . . nothing! So when I saw the Essence, All About Bronzer eight-pan palette, I grabbed it:

A: to see if the formula was any different

B: because I love bronze and gold eyeshadows, great summer shades . . . well, I wear them all year round to be honest.


The packaging of the essence All About Bronze eyeshadow is made up of a much sturdier plastic than the old one. It has the branding and name of the palette across the top of the palette. This lettering will rub off very easily. There’s also no mirror, I don’t think any essence palletes I’ve come across with mirrors, correct me if I am wrong.


The layout of the palette runs from light to dark, from left to right. The faded, gradient effect is very pretty to look at.


The shades are all shimmery, which I think is a massive FAIL if ANY eyeshadow palette doesn’t have a few matte shades to use as transition colours, a brow bone highlight or to run under your lash line and not get glitter or sparkles into your eyes. Bronze eyes. .very, sexy . . . red, irritated eyes. . not so much.



Shades on the top row (L to R):

Light pink shimmer

Shimmering peachy/gold

Rose Gold

Taupe with a purple base


Bottom Row

Cream Shimmer





This palette is gorgeous. It’s a deceptive and cheeky little guy.

The rose goldy shades floored me. The top row is definitely shimmery bronzy blushed tones. I’d get this palette for the top row alone.

The bottom row is made up of solid true metallic shades. Gold, bronze, espresso brown with shimmer and the cream highlight shade.

Applied with a damp brush, these cheeky bronze shades show you whose boss, turning into beautiful, almost foiled. The only shade that was a chalky was the cream shade. It’s a stunning little palette.


Worn dry, the shades need to be built up a bit. The formula of these shadows are buttery and very soft so there is some fallout if you go nuclear and pick up too much product. The eyeshadows are easy to blend but in my experience, if you go nuclear with our blending, you will blend them into nothing!


I suggest either getting matte shadows to blend with and create depth to your look and wear a primer with this guy. The shadows are not the most long lasting nor do they promise to be the ‘Long-lasting Champions’ on this palette. It starts fading after about 4 hours. I’ve tested it out with the Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base and it lasts a further two or more hours


I love how versatile this palette is. Create soft, feminine blushed toned looks or go sultry and channel your bronze inner goddess.


While the Wet n Wild eyeshadows are still my favourite drugstore eyeshadows, this little guy is awesome. It appears Essence has defiantly upped their game on this guy.

Where to buy: Essence counters across the country. You can also try because they do carry essence.


Price: R76,65 (It’s ssssssspensive for essence, but definitely worth the money)


Have you tried the essence About Bronze eyeshadow palette!

Will you be picking up one?

I know there are a few variants like All About Chocolate, All About Pink, All About Sunrise so others in this line, which is your favourite?

Until next time

Stay blessed and beautiful

Love u all . . . more than anything

What can I say, It All About . . . love . . .



Beauty Bugle

6 thoughts

    • Hi Doll face, I have never been impressed with the Essence eyeshadows in the past, but the shade selection in this little palette is like nothing I have. If you do try it, let me know. xoxox and much love Prativa

  • Pretty pics (with the gold shoe at the back)?. Thorough review – thanks. I wonder if All About Chocolate have a few matte shades. Another reason to go shopping?

    • Bless you my sweet soul. I would love to know your thought on the All About Chocolate Palette. U know well-off a good shopping spree, especially for make up!
      Thank you love for your feedback. 🙂 xoxo

    • It is beautiful and so many of the shades can be used as highlighters. My friend loved it so much that I caved and gave it to her . . . It is gorgeous. Thank u Lebo for your support and commenting. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment xoxox Prativa, ,Beauty Bugle

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