Think Pink! Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector {Review}


The Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector is light shimmery pink and for a brown girl being a firm believer that orange-toned concealers are the BEST for colour correcting testing this out was scary. I was ready to run a mile and then some. But, my brown beauties, there’s no need to be afraid . . . it works!

The Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector provides backlighting for your concealer. It’s an illuminating primer for your concealer. This is a brightener, so if you’re not into a bright, highlighted under eye, this isn’t the product for you. Backlighting seems to be a buzz word being bounced around like a Telly Tubby . . . and it sounds more about lighting a concert stage than make up. But backlighting is a game changer. It serves to get rid of darkness, which in truth cannot be completely eradicated with this product. Where there is light, there is glow and where they is glow, there is youthful, healthy-looking skin. Everyone in agreement?


This pink corrector neutralizes the blue tones of dark circles. The only time dark circles are allowed in my book is in a zombie-Halloween look otherwise, nah, it’s not ayoba! Doesn’t sound or look appealing either.

The product does have ultra-fine shimmer that light up/ brighten the entire under eye area.


It comes in a glass jar and has a beautiful metallic light pink lid with the Becca logo encircling it on the edges


It is a soft cream that is very emollient, so much so, that it melts into skin. It blurs fine lines and gives you’re under eye area instant light leaving Becca’s signature flawless, soft focus effect.

This product helps your concealer stay put for longer.

You can apply this corrector/concealer/ magic in a jar using your fingers (preferably your ring finger as it applies the least pressure) because the warmth of your fingertips will help it melt into your skin.

To prevent product from drying out, keep the cap tightly closed.

So, is this worth the splurge because you know that Becca products are sssssspensive? Yes, if you are like me and wear an undereye primer daily (it’s high maintenance, but my under eye area has thanked me in advance) but if you feel like this is an extra, unnecessary step in your make up routine, skip it.


Price: R380 (It’s not sheeeeep)

Where to buy:
Or visit them at

Physical Address

4th Floor

Fredman Towers

13 Fredman Drive




Do you beauties wear an undereye primer? Would you pick Becca Under eye Brightener or do you have something similar in your collection that’s not going to burn a hole in the pockets of those super expensive skinny jeans? Let me know, down below.

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Stay Blessed and Beautiful

Love you all so, so , so much, seriously . . .



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  • Thanks for this review Tiva… it looks like it works especially for the price lol. I use the Catrice concealer palette at the moment. I use the green and pink ones. I think it works good but i also have not so great dark circles so i always feel nothing quite covers it up!

    • Hi doll, lol, I know the dark circle situation. This is a great primer for your concealer. MAC’s Vibrancy Eye, is another on of my faves, it doesn’t correct as much but it leaves the under eye hydrated so my concealor goes on smoother and lasts longer. I will definitely give the Catrice on a try. Thanks for stopping by angel, I really appreciate it.
      Tiva 🙂

  • I use the BioNike one from Dischem. It was only R120 and is more of a peachy pink and it removes all undereye darkness on me. I like the fact that Becca’s has a bit of shimmer to help with light reflection. Great post love

  • Hello Prativa! You’ve got a lovely blog here!
    I have always used yellow or peachy concealers to counteract my undereye darkness. However, after reading Bobbi Brown’s Manual and her advice for using pink correctors was intriguing. It was when I tried it myself and got hooked to it. It really changed my concealer routine! ♡ xx

  • Wow pretty prativa-once again youve just outdone yourself and totally sold me this product!!! I have been reading through your twitter and i find you review quite a few becca products. I have never actually heard of this brand before, until i have come across your blog. I must say though i really like the products overall and definitely want to try something! From what you have written in your becca posts i feel these products are worth a try! On my way to check out the becca website now. 🙂

    Keep up the great work hunni!

    can’t wait to read your archives!

    If i may ask, how long have you been blogging for?

    Take care and god bless.

    Love always , AARTHI 🙂 <3

    • Hi Aarthi, even when I type your name , I want to hold a dheeya lol. Is that weird? lol I am a self-confessed Beccaholic, I love their brand. If you get one thing, get the Shimmering Skin Pefector (pressed) in Opal. This absolutely stunning is absolutely stunning. You have beautiful olive tones and because you are so light-skinned, you can definitely pull off Moonstone too 🙂 Their primers, esp the new backlight primer and rejuvenating and resurfacing primer are two of the best I have ever used. I have been blogging since last year, not a seasoned blogger lol. But it’s beauties like you that motivate me to keep going buy showing me such kindness, support and giving me so much of encouragement. That’s priceless and reminds me why I started blogging. You still don’t blog?

  • I enjoy your post – as usual !!! I love to read the comments as well. Since using Avon’s Eye cream, my dark circles don’t seem so dark anymore. I would like to give the BioNike concealer a try☺

    • Awww, bless u sweetpea. I hear such great things about Avon (thumbs up for that!) and if you do try the BioNike concealer, I would love to know your thoughts on it. Would love to see a review 🙂 I learn so much from you beauties, all the time. The BioNike sounds amazing, i must say. Thank you as always for for being such an avid and loyal supporter of my blog. It touches my heart, truly.

  • I’m curious. Do you think this would work well for deeper skin tones, or do they have a darker shade ? It looks interesting. I currently switch between the Bobbi brown corrector in deep bisque, and the MAC conceal/correct palette in deep dark. I’m always looking to try new products, and would love to know if they have a shade that can cater for the deeper end of the colour spectrum

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