NYX Illuminators Ritualistic and Narcissistic {Review and Swatches}

Hi my angels, I think we are in agreement about highlighters, ah, how we heart them! Most highlighters or really super pigmented ones are high-end and it’s rare to find a really good drugstore highlighter, especially in South Africa.


Yes, we have great illuminating blushes, shimmering bronzers but no products that are marketed as highlighters.

You will ever so often find them in an essence or Catrice limited edition collection but I have never come across a permanent powder highlighter.

The NYX Illuminators were released some time ago in the US and while we did get them late, they’re here now and when I spotted them at my local Clicks, I was over the moon, sun and sea and immediately posted a pic on my Instagram.

This was a requested, probably one of my most requested reviews.

So, let’s jump into the glow life.

The NYX Illuminators come in 5 shades and I picked up 2 of them.


I picked up the shades Narcissistic and Ritualistic.

The packing is gorgeous. It’s a compact with a full size mirror. It comes in a black plastic pan that’s sturdy and safe enough to travel with.


Let’s get into swatches


Narcissistic is a peachy golden highlight with flecks of shimmer. It’s not chunky glitter that you can feel exfoliate your face when you apply it but it’s there. This particular shade is very subtle and against my dark skin (for reference I’m an NC40 in MAC) I did find it to look a bit ashy and needed to be built up to show up. While the formula is chalky, it’s still smooth but the shimmer or micro glitter does do a bit of an electric slide and moves around, a little bit of fallout, nothing annoying though. This highlighter is not my cup of chai. It’s pretty but didn’t blow my hair into a French braid. I’d probably use it as an eyeshadow or blush topper more than I would as a highlighter. I think this would show up better on lighter-skinned beauties. Swatched and blended out, the highlighter gives off a beautiful sheen. Sadly, for me, it didn’t translate that way on my face when I applied it with a fan brush. This is a subtle highlight but for this brown girl, it didn’t perform the way I wanted it to. There are darker shades in the line, which I think would look better because I do think that pink /peachy highlighters look amazing on dark skin.


The shade Ritualistic is one of the most confusing but one of the most utterly gorgeous highlighters I have ever slapped on my face. This one did blow my hair back and gave me retro curls!

When I looked at the NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic I was scared. This is white in the pan and when I swatched it, it swatched like chalk, the kind teachers use on a chalkboard, really, true story. When I blended this highlighter out, it turned gold, like a golden sheen that was so smooth with no glitter in sight!

This product is the classic case of minimal effort with maximum impact.

It doesn’t look ashy, it a glow-getter for sho! But you need to exercise restraint with this; a little goes a very long way. I’d happily use this for the day because I’m all about that blinding-you-with-my-highlight life! If you are not into that liquid gold look for day, I’d save it for the afternoon or at night.


As you can see from the pic above, these are a bit powdery so a word caution, it can cause some flashback because of the high talc content which is also responsible for the chalkiness. So blend this bad boy well and take a photo first to see if it does indeed flashback on you.

One hit, one miss, you can’t win them all, but these are phenomenal highlighters. Smooth and long-wearing. While NYX is a brand that is more ssssspensive at the drugstore, it’s still shhheeper than high-end highlighters. It’s ayoba for sho! And if you are tjatjarag like me, Ritualistic is the one for you, just don’t bathe in it because you will look like someone painted you with gold nail polish.


Where to buy: Selected NYX counters at Clicks stores across the country

Price: R175 (I know, right?)


Have you tried any of the NYX illuminators and will you be picking one up?

Have you used Narcissistic and made it work for you. Let me know, down below.

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful!

Love you all and have a safe and blessed festive season.



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  • These look so gorgeous. Been wanting them for a while but can never find stock. Love your swatches and they definitely look like they can do some amazing blinding damage.

  • Thanks for this interesting blog post. It was fun to read and put a smile on my face. “It’s pretty but didn’t blow my hair into a French braid.” ?. I do not own any NYX highlighters but I like the NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic.

    • Hi Rabia, it’s been such a battle for many people to get their hands on it. I was lucky to find them. I think the best way of solving the problem would be to ask your local Clicks to source it for you or contact NYXsa. Twitter is a great way to get a fast response. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate your support and let me know if you find them. xoxo Prativa

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