Low Stomach Acid? The dangers!!!!

Hi my angels today, isn’t a make up review, I know, shocker!!!

I wanted to review a test that I was given at my local Skin Renewal (One of SA’s most reputable health, wellness and beauty franchises with centres across the country), where I have my skin treatments and buy my skin care products.

I was tasked to take a test for low stomach acid.

I’m sure we all have heard the saying what’s inside shows on the outside and people having been saying this for ages and there’s a reason for this, it’s true.

Hippocrates (you know the oath that the doctors take, yeah that guy, said some 2000 years ago that “death begins in the gut” and today’s research indicates that 70% of disease starts in the gut. Just like the ph of the skin, we have acid in our stomach that is responsible for many things but most importantly , to prevent disease by killing bacteria in our stomachs.

If you have low stomach acid, you will have less or no immunity to disease, which can lead to various physical and mental disorders.



Today, because this is a beauty blog and I am still in search of the fountain of youth, I will focus on how low stomach acid affects your skin.

I’m not going to lie, I spend more money on looking after my skin than anything else, so taking this test was crucial.


So here’s a run down of the whole tummy acid story, I kept it as basic as I could.

Low stomach aid causes bacteria and parasites to populate our bowel, which creates lipopolysaccharides LPS, a substance that is toxic to the intestinal wall, which can result in ‘Leaky Gut.

Leaky gut is when undigested protein gets into the gut instead of being broken down into amino acids. This will affect the single layer of the intestinal wall, allowing toxins and protein to enter our system. The liver can’t cope with the detoxification process so the body’s immune system kicks in, which results in immune dysregulation.

Immune dysregulation sounds terribly scary and you have every right to be afraid. This will activate the immune system down the line with various diseases such as thyroid, lupus and others as well as mental illness like Alzheimer’s and brainaprohy, which has been linked to low or Vitamin B12 deficiency.


The skin conditions that can be caused include acne, melisma, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, keratosispilaris are all associated with low stomach acid and it’s ramifications as the skin is inflamed from the LPS being deposited on the skin.



My challenge: the HCL and PEPSIN challenge

I was given 1 tablet, 1x650mg of Metagest which contains Betaine HCI with Pepsin. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme. I had to take it in the middle of a protein meal.

If I experienced any discomfort/warm feeling/mild burning sensation after the meal, this meant that I have sufficient stomach acid and no further supplementation is required.

However, if I felt NONE of the above symptoms, I may have low stomach acid, in which case, I would need to see a doctor.


I am happy to report that I do not have low stomach acid, after taking the test.

But it is important to check. That little white pill could have saved my life.

I know this was a lot of information, but sometimes, flare ups and irritable skin conditions can take place because of something like low stomach acid, so before reaching for a topical treatments and expensive lotions and potions, maybe we should look inside our bodies for answers.

For more clarity, visit www.healthrenewal.co.za or visit your local Skin Renewal

Until next time,

Stay blessed, beautiful and healthy. I love you all.



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