Feeling Bourjois! (Review and Swatches)

Bourjois Paris, it sounds so fancy . . . French anything sounds so classy and romantic and French woman are known for their flawless skin, chic style and effortless glamour . . . I think if someone swore at me in French it would probably sound sexy . . . of course I won’t take that lying down . . . but that’s a story for another time.

I recently was shopping for my makeup swap, for a gorgeous beauty from Cali, and it was so amazing to shop for someone else. I got mainly mid-range products, because she wanted Inglot but I did get a few drugstore items.

While I was shopping for her, I did put some stuff in my basket for myself. Sue me, I am what I am!

I want to say straight off the bat that Bourjois is not a cheap drugstore brand but it’s not as expensive as mid-range products like MAC or Inglot.

So it’s still sssspensive as AH but is it worth it?

The eyeshadow trios

I got the Smoky Eyes trios in the shades

03 Mordore Chic and

05 Vintage Rose.

I chose these shades because blushed tones and bronzy tones are always on trend in my opinion and they are versatile and suit all skin tones.

As you know, a smoky eye is a gradient of light to dark and these shades do fulfill that brief and compliment each other beautifully.

You have two sheen/metallic shades and one satin (pretending to be matte) in each trio.

(03) Mondore Chic


Light champagne (shimmer)

Light gold (not bronze) (shimmer)

Deep espresso brown (satin)

05 Vintage Rose

Cream with lilac undertones (metallic)

Light Pastel pink (metallic)

Mid-tone mauve (satin)

These shades, while complimentary, are NOT opaque and need to be built up to get good colour payoff.

The formula is hard to pick up on the brush and it’s not one swipe wonder.

If you don’t mind digging and scratching into your eyeshadow to get the colour payoff or you prefer a light wash of colour, these trios are or you. The deepest shades are the most pigmented.

The shades do show up over a skin-toned primer. If you are dark skinned like me, I would skip 05 Vintage Rose. The colour payoff doesn’t warrant the price. Go with the 05 Mordore Chic, which performs better and is visible and flattering on dark skin.

These eyeshadows have a great how-to diagram on the back of the pan so it beginner-friendly if you don’t really know, which shade to put where. The shadows lasted about four hours before I noticed fading. The deep crease shade was still intact after 9 hours of wear. I would the recommend Maybelline Diamond Glow Quads, which I feel have a better formula.

Onto the blush . . . I got the shade 74 (Rose Amber)

The packaging is soooooooo stinking cute! It has a vintage vibe, which is pretty cool.

It comes in a round plastic pot that is colour coded according to the shade. It has a tiny mirror, which is always handy. Sure, you can’t do a full face of make up using a mirror of that size but you can definitely do something!

This also comes with an applicator, in a unique shape, ideal to cup your cheekbones and sit snugly over the dome-shaped blush. You can use this brush for application, I wonder how it will fair over time, though. I suspect that the bristles may splay because it isn’t densely packed, but it is a good brush for applying and blending out. It picks up the right amount of product so very little blending is required. It is super pigmented, so use a light hand. This shade is beautiful deep rose, which is completely matte. (The angels are singing)

As you can see from the swatch, it shows up on tan/dark skin, I doubt it will on deep chocolate skin. It’s a beautiful formula, not powdery, can never be ashy because it isn’t chalky. This is a long-wearing. I applied my make up at 9am and when I got home at 6pm, it was still there and I didn’t notice any fading. This is the hero product! I love it and definitely recommend it, especially for my brown girls.

Onto the lip glosses, I’m not going to lie to make friends. I thought these were the Velvet Matte lipsticks. The’ Aqua’ in the name and ‘High Shine’ in the claims should have given it away, but when I buy something on impulse, sometimes, common sense runs away with me.

I hate the sticky feeling of lipgloss and I have pigmented lips, which are fifty shades of purple with a hint of fushia. This kind of pigmentation is not uncommon, especially for women of colour like me.

I got the shades:

07 Fuchsia Perche (A raspberry, depending where you buy your Raspberries, I’d say Woolworth’s raspberries) It’s a deep, pinky red.

01 Appecchissant (a deep rose)

The packaging is very beautiful with metallic caps, a doe-foot applicator with a squared off tip that makes precise application a breeze and a see-through plastic bottle that shows the colour, which I appreciate. These are high-shine, very pigmented lip glosses. I hate the sticky feeling of lipgloss and I have pigmented lips, which are fifty shades of purple with a hint of fushia. This kind of pigmentation is not uncommon, especially for women of colour like me.

07 Fuchsia Perche, is very opaque covered my pigmented lips completely.

01 Appecchissant (a mid-tone rose) looked too stark and didn’t compliment my skintone or cover my lips.

That said, they are very comfortable on the lips and not sticky, which I adore. The worst thing is when my hair is caught in the breeze (like in a shampoo ad) and the lipgloss catches onto my hair! I detest it, that’s why I do not like lipgloss (period). The lipglosses transfer and you will need to reapply after eating and drinking. I did notice that 07 Fuchsia Perche, when I wiped it off, left a pretty raspberry stain on my lips so when it fades, it does so in a pretty way.

Now for the Healthy Balance 10-hour-Matte Finish powder

I got the Healthy Balance 10 hours Matt Finish and Natural Healthy Glow (55 Dark Beige)

The shade I bought is the darkest, well, if they are darker powders, they were not at my Clicks nor were there any testers of darker shades.

It truly is a magical powder that does look good with minimal touch ups after 10 hours. Claim one, fulfilled. Bourjois also describes the product as a ‘unifying’ powder and it is a magical, super finely milled powder that really binds the make up on your face together. I used it with the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and my skin literally looked airbrushed. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I got. (Okay, I can, loads).

As you can see in the swatch, this powder, while looking very light in the pan blends out perfectly into my skin. I often think I’m lucky to just make the cut off for most shades of powders and foundations. But it saddens me that there aren’t deeper colours available for my darker-skinned beauties. Believe me, the struggle is real with shade selection with Bourjois across the globe, so it’s not just Mzansi, so no bias here. If there are deeper shades available, let me know in the comments section. The packaging is not adorable like the rest of the products I picked up but I think it’s because it’s part of the Healthy Balance range. It’s hard plastic, red, has a small image of a few fruit with the Bourjois logo and the name on the product on it. It has a mirror, which is a bonus. There are also ingredients and other information on the back of the compact.


The blush and powder are the heroes of the goodies I picked up. Despite there not being darker shades, the powder works. If you are into high-shine lipglosses, they are by far one of the best formulas I have tried to date.

Where to buy: Selected Clicks stores and Bourjois counters. Wait for it, she’s not ssshhheeep


Bourjois Healthy Balance powder –  R169 for 9g

Bourjois Smoky eye trio

(03) Mordore Chic – R159 for 4,5g

(05) Vintage Rose – R159 for 4,5g

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque

( 01) Appechissant – R139 for 7,7ml

(07) Fuchsia Perche – R139 for 7,7ml

Bourjois Blush (74 Rose Amber) – R155 for 2,5g

Have you tried Bourjois make up? I would like to know what you think about the shade selection of powders and foundations, especially in South Africa, where brown girls are in the majority or is it a simple case of supply and demand and buying power? Or is it a simple case of it is what it is . . .

Let me know ,down below.

Love you all from Paris and back!



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