Coming up Roses? Urban Decay Naked 3 {Review and Swatches}


Thinking pink was not always second nature. Believe or not, I am tomboy who loves make up. It doesn’t make sense, but you have to know me to understand! My modeling, dance led to my interest in make up and fashion and to this day, this is what makes my femininity shine as bright as my highlight (and y’all know I like to glow) . . . and if there is one eyeshadow palette

that screams girly and romantic, it’s the Urban Decay Naked 3.


Yesterday (25/5/2016) I had a comment on my Naked2 palette pic on my Instagram about the fact that the Naked palettes that I am reviewing are old. Now, I could say, it’s my show, I can shut it down when I want but there’s a reason apart from the imminent launch of UD in South Africa that these reviews are still relevant. It’s because these palettes are still sold, they are part of the permanent line, meaning you can still buy them and yes, people still buy these palettes because they are that famous . . . and will go down in make up history as perhaps the most popular or highly recognizable palette series (Naked series) to date, and if you want my opinion on the product, you are welcome to read it.

So, moving on . . .

All you have to do is look at the box and the packaging of this palette to know it’s as precious and rosy as they come.

The eyeshadows are housed in a tin case that is a muted metallic rose, with coppery rose lettering. They texture of the lid has wavy indents running across the palette.


The palette has a full sized mirror and comes with a dual ended brush, one side for shading and the other for blending. And as with the other Naked palettes, the Good Karma Brush is one you can actually use and is great quality. My palette came with 4 Urban Decay primer potion samples in Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-Ageing. (I do have the full size of Eden and a review on the blog.)

The packaging is sturdy and while is doesn’t have a magnetic closure, it snaps shut, so it’s safe for travel. Like the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, it is bulky.

The Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette includes twelve eyeshadows. They range from matte, satin, metallic and high-frost. When you give the palette on once over, it looks like a wave of brown, rose, pink and gold, and the shades are for the most part, pretty much variations of those colours.


Onto the swatches . . .


Strange is warm white-pink with a satin matte finish. It not chalky and has a soft and silky texture. It is smooth and blendable. It is also opaque (as opaque as white eyeshadows go). This shade is not very brown-girl friendly and I feel that it may look too stark when worn as a brow bone highlight or to highlight the inner corners of the eye.

Dust is a light-medium pink with warm undertones and a white and gold micro-glitter. The texture is a little powdery and glittery. Nothing annoying.

Burnout is peach with a pearl finish. It had really nice color payoff, and the texture is soft, smooth, and not at all powdery.

Limit is a matte medium pink/mauve with good pigmentation and a soft smooth and blendable formula.

Buzz is a mix of copper and rose with a frosted, metallic looks quite similar to the lettering on the case. It had excellent color payoff, and the texture is soft, buttery, and smooth. This is a breathtaking shade.

Trick is a frosted copper with gold sparkles It had good pigmentation, and the texture was surprisingly soft and buttery for having shimmer particles and applied smoothly overall.


Nooner is warm rosy plum with a matte finish. It is nicely pigmented, and the texture is soft, finely milled, and blendable.

Liar is medium brown with subtle warm undertones and a gunmetal shift. It has a high frosted finish. The texture is extremely soft, almost too soft . . . but very pigmented.

Factory is a pinky-brown with a satin finish. It has good pigmentation, and the texture is soft, finely milled, and blendable.

Mugshot is a metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift. It had excellent color payoff, and the texture is like butter at room temperature.

Darkside is a cool-toned, purpled taupe with a pearled finish. It had nice pigmentation, and the texture is finely milled, and easy to blend.

Blackheart is a deep, blackened burgundy with warm, reddish-brown undertones and ruby red micro-shimmer. This is such a unique shade. I totes looks black from afar but once you apply it you can see the violet.

Final thoughts

textures across the board. Any imperfections are not annoying enough to mention. There’s a bit of fallout here and there and one or two shades are a bit powdery but nothing that would be a strong mark against this palette.

The choice of shades for the rose theme is excellent. I like that there are two warm-toned mattes that would work well as transition shades and perhaps more brown girls will be inspired to wear shades like these more often.

The only problem you may have is with the versatility. If you are not into these shades, this palette is not for you. It isn’t practical, I don’t think it was meant to be. It’s whimsical and free. If you want a brown smoky eye, get the Naked 1. If you like the shades but think this is toooo sssppppensive to buy just for ‘liking’ the shades, I suggest getting the LA Girl Nudes Beauty Brick. (The shades are similar but UD definitely has a better formula)


This palette is for beauties who dream of roses and wild flowers and dancing in the fields or playing in the spring rain. Hey, I love cricket, cars and hanging out with the boys, but I am always a lady . . .

Where to buy: UD Stockists, ships internationally. You can try 3rd party courier companies or third party sellers.

Price: Between R850 to R1200, depending where you buy it. No one said it’s ssshhheeeppp.

Will you be picking this up or do you favour the other Naked palettes?

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all like I love roses



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