Natural Glow? Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder {Review and Swatches}


Who doesn’t want luminous skin? If you don’t leave a comment below and tell me why because I need to know. . . Perhaps, I have missed the mark . . .

until then I’m not hopping off the glow bandwagon. Glow, sparkle, sheen, frost . . . highlighting has varying degrees of fleekness! You have that blinding in-your-mother-in-law’s face highlight and then you have subtle luminosity.

Which brings me to one of Bobbi Brown’s latest products, The Nude Finish Illuminating Powder. While metallic and high frost highlighting may perhaps be a popular trend, luminous healthy skin, which you see on celebrities on the red carpet (the Kardashian clan excluded) is timeless.



Bobbi Brown says of this powder: Subtle and natural, this ultra-soft, translucent pressed powder instantly gives skin a lit-from-within glow with a natural blend of skin-brightening botanicals and light-reflective powders.

Do I agree? In part. I got the shade Buff, which is the second to darkest shade, there are a total of 6 shades, to suit the palest to the deepest of skin tones. So there is something for everyone.


The packaging is not in the regular Black and while packaging Bobbi Brown is known for. Instead you have a beige sturdy plastic with the Bobbi Brown logo written in black. It is eye-catching because it’s different, not because it’s pretty. I do think it looks a bit cheap.


It has a full size mirror and magnetic closure, is compact and safe enough for travel.bobbibrownnudefinshpowderopenedwithbox

The powder has a mosaic layout with 6 shades, 2 of which have a shimmery finish and the rest a sheer satin finish. The powders are finely milled, not chalky and are in varying degrees of light golden beige, yellow-toned beige and dark brown and a tan shade, which compliment each other and blend seamlessly into each other.



Bottom Row




Swirl them together and you have a luminous glow and some fine shimmer. This catches the like and fulfills the claims of its light-reflecting claim. It is very subtle but you can see the glow. As for the brightening aspect, I didn’t notice anything that brightened my face. The powder, dusted lightly all over my face made it look naturally healthy.

You can also apply to only the high points of the face if you don’t want to use it all over your face. To be fair, this isn’t a powder that you can overdo.



If you like the wet, metallic look, that you get with the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors (pressed) or MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Oh Darling! This is not that type of highlighting powder. This is an illuminating finishing powder. It is not for everyone.

This is the type of make up that you wear as opposed to the make up wearing you.

It has that finish where people won’t say’ You’re highlight looks soooo gorgeous’ rather they will most likely say, wow, your skin is glowing!

Where to buy: Bobbi Brown Counters across the country or

Price: R720 (She is sssssssspensive, very ssspensive and for the price you’d expect it to jump up and apply itself onto your face, it doesn’t. On that note, have you heard of a Bobbi Brown product that is cheap?)

Will you be picking this up or do you prefer, not so subtle highlighters. Like the light house highlights that guides ships lost at sea? Let me know, down below

Until next time,

Stay Blessed and Beautiful

Love you in a not so subtle way!



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2 thoughts

  • Thank you for the review as always much appreciated ..I think I need this subtle face powder higlight but for the price geeez I dont know , i will swatch it at a BB counter and decide. I have the Mac Oh Darling and to be honest that is more for an occasion or party , it’s not something I can wear or would want to wear daily infact on a daily basis I wear very little and very subtle makeup but I don’t mind the ” in your mum in laws face highlight ” lol and heavier makeup on occassion , infact I think for parties and weddings etc it’s great and looks great…

    • Hi doll, yes, it is a lil bit on the pricey side , but it’s also one of those products that will last you forever, coz u need so little of it. but def check it out and let me know how it goes. Lol . . . truth be told, I am on a subtle glow kick atm, it’s so beautiful and effortless . . . thank u angel for your feedback.I am truly thankful xoxo

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