Hot Chocolate! Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette { Review and Swatches}


If you have been following me on my Instagram or other social media, you know my love for Zoeva brushes. Not only because they are stunning to look at . . . but they are good quality and affordable.When I got my hands on the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow palette, I was interested to see if the quality and look of the eyeshadows mirrored their brushes.

Zoeva is a German brand and I initially thought they were more popular in Europe than the US, but it seems that Zoeva is loved the world over! Onto the palette . . . the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette has 10 super-pigmented shades. Four are matte and six are shimmer. This is a warm-toned palette with browns, beige, plum and copper. The variety of textures of the eyeshadows lends itself to being very versatile. There are plenty of blending shades, lid shades and highlight shades. The eyeshadows, for the most part, are blendable and long lasting.


The packaging is ok. It doesn’t have a mirror, which is a bummer and it’s made of sturdy cardboard. The gold and grey/brown theme works well with the feel of the palette and it does have a chocolate box vibe going on. It has a cardboard sleeve, which you can slot your palette into to prevent it from opening if you are travelling with it. In my experience, these cardboard sleeves wear down fast so I would suggest tying a rubber band around the palette to secure it.


First Row


Bitter Start is a light beige. It is quite light on dark skin such as mine but it doesn’t look stark. This is perfect shade to set your eyeshadow primer or use as a highlight shade under the brown bone or the inner corners of the eye.

Sweeter End is a dull gold with pink reflects. It doesn’t sound very appealing but it is a stunning shade that has a very soft texture and blends easily.

Warm Notes is a rich cranberry red with a metallic finish. It looks like garnet shining in the palette and is my favourite shade in the palette. It is richly pigmented and smooth.

Subtle Blend is a burnt copper with a metallic finish. This is also richly pigmented and the texture is smooth and blends easily.

Beans are White is a blackened brown with a matte finish. It needed to be built up to show the opacity true to pan. It took a little more effort to blend but I didn’t sprain my wrist in the process.


Pure Ganache is a golden copper with warm orange and pink undertones and a metallic sheen. It applies smoothly and is very pigmented.

Substitute for Love is an orange-brown with matte finish. This is a very light dusting of gold shimmer that you can’t see on application or blending out of the eyeshadow. The pigmentation is good and the staying power excellent. This is a perfect transition shade.

Freshly Toasted is warm reddish brown with a matte finish. It has a silky texture, good pigmentation and blended effortlessly.

Infusion is a blackened brown with fine gold shimmer. I don’t get why this was included in the palette because it looks like Beans Are White, with a bit of glitter. It has fairly good pigmentation

Delicate Acidity is a warm taupe brown. It had a more pearly sheen and violet shift. It is pigmented and blends easily.



This palette would have scored higher if it had a mirror and better structural packaging. Oooooh, I do sound like Bob, the builder.

Beans Are White and Infusion were a bit difficult to blend, but as you know I am a nitpicker! The rest of the shades are stunning and easy to work with. These shades are definitely ones that you could use on the daily and they universally flattering. You can go cray-cray with the shades or mute it down for work or not (depending n what work you do J)

I still don’t understand why Infusion is in the palette, but it’s there to stay.

Where to buy: (they ship to South Africa) or you can try Amazon or a third-party seller. Sephora also stocks Zoeva so you can use a third party courier service. If you are in South Africa and are looking to buy, I got mine from @makeup_shmakeup on Instagram. I highly recommend her as I have bought all my Zoeva goodies from her. 100% authentic.

Price: EUR 21,80 (Roughly R400 excluding shipping and customs) It’s not as sssssspensive as other international brands.

What do you think of the Zoeva eyeshadows, will you give it a go or do you think you would rather buy their brushes with so many other eyeshadow palettes on the market?

Let me know, down below

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all to Germany and back!



Beauty Bugle


Side note: One of my sweet subscribers wanted to see pics of the Zoeva brushes, so this is for you:)


The chocolate and copper set.
The chocolate and copper set.
The Rose Gold set
The Rose Gold set

6 thoughts

  • The palette looks gorgeous and Pure Ganache is absolutely stunning. I don’t mind any brand as long as the quality of the shadows are good and don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Thanks for the awesome review xoxox

  • I have been lusting over their palettes for a long time , i even considered buying them but i was waiting for your review 😉 The shades in this palette look good , so its definitely on my to buy list 🙂
    love the review doll

    • Awww my sweet Sashnee, they are beautiful shades my angel. I’m so sorry it took ages to review. As you know, my blog was giving me all sorts of heartache and a blinding headache! lol. I really think Zoeva eyeshadows are under-rated. There are so many higher-end dupes in this palette alone. Let me know if you buy it and your experience. I truly think this is a palette that you will use everyday. the price point is excellent too! xoxo Prativa

  • Subtle Blend and Freshly Toasted are beautiful shades.
    I do have similar shades – and for the brushes – how do they compare to Real Techniques – I’m curious❓❔

    You made me laugh out loud, Bob the Builder

    • They are gorgeous my angel! They are on another level from real techniques. They are gorgeous to look at and the quality is excellent. I have two sets. One in the Rose gold and the other in a Rose gold and black. Both these sets have face and eye brushes.The brushes are similar to MAC or Sigma brushes. So beautiful. I have pics of them on my my FB page and instagram 🙂 xoxo I will insert a pic into this post.

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