How to subscribe to Beauty Bugle (Step-By-Step)

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Some of you may have had trouble commenting recently.

This is because you had to be logged in andregistered user on the site to comment.  I have had to put these measures in place to avoid hackers and spammers, which was part of the problem that resulted in the stripping down of the site and rebuilding it . . . TWICE!!!

Many of you have said you have problems subscribing. Now you can enter your email in the subscribe box and ‘subscribe’ and leave comments. however,  you will not get notifications of blog posts, competitions etc by doing this. As you enter your email, you will automatically go to my users list and that’s how I will have a record of you 🙂

However, I urged you to PROPERLY subscribe. I have included a step-by-step guide on how to register because you have to CONFIRM registration to be added to my subscriber base.

Here’s How:

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Click on any of the ‘Subscribe’ icons

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A new window should appear where you can enter your email address.

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Sometimes there are boxes where you can simply put in your email address to subscribe.

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You will then get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. (Most people forget to do this last step) Please check your Junk Mail folder as it sometimes appears there. Confirm Follow

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You will get this email. This completes the registration process!

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Logging in . . . this is where I feel many beauties are getting frustrated. You must create the WordPress account and you will be able to login. I really do apologise for the inconvenience. But I honestly can’t have any more problems with spammers. I hope you all understand.

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Now you will be notified of new posts,


and  you will be able to comment and do all sorts of fun stuff!

I don’t want you angels to miss out, so please subscribe if you are having trouble. Follow these steps are you should be fine.

I love you all dearly . . .



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