Mmmmm . . . delicious! Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette { Review and Swatches}

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

It’s a feast for the eyes and the nose . . . ‘Mmmmmmm, it smells like chocolate!). Indeed it does, and the Belgian kind too!

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is not a Basic b&^%^cth neutral palette.

It’s a palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette has 16 shades
Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette has 16 shades

of 16 shades from pale beige to deep bronze with finishes from matte.

to frost. There are 14 smaller pans housing the eyeshadows and two larger pans containing a shimmering highlight and a pale matte highlight shade. This not a new release but I never had success getting my hands on it, until a month ago.

I did review the chocolate Too Faced Bon Bons palette,  and while I liked that palette, I did express my desire to get the older brother, this slab of chocolate goodness!


The box has a classic Willy Wonka Old School packaging! I love the vintage feel.

The back of the box
The back of the box

The shade names and colour swatches on the back of the box is also pretty handy!

Full sized mirror gets a Thumbs Up!
Full sized mirror gets a Thumbs Up!

The packaging, Oh My Soul!, it stole my heart as does most Too Faced packaging. It has a full size mirror, which I appreciate and while it is bulky, it is perfect for travel.


It looks like a slab of dark chocolate that is made of tin and while it doesn’t have a magnetic closure it snaps shut.

Onto the swatches:


Left Hand Side:


Gilded Ganache is a dark chocolate brown with bronze shimmer. It had a good color payoff and the texture was soft without being crumbly. It’s not patchy, the fine glitter is not annoying and it blends like a dream.

White Chocolate is warm-toned, pale beige with a matte finish. It is sheer and the texture was blendable and a little powdery. Dupable? Yes, but we’re talking about this palette and this is one must-have shade in any palette.


toofacedchoc2ndrowRHSSalted Caramel is a warm medium brown with orange undertones a matte finish. It had excellent color payoff, blends easily and is a perfect transition shade, especially on my skin tone.

Marzipan is a peachy gold with a metallic, finish. It had good color payoff, and the texture was soft and but smooths out evenly. Best applied to the lid in packing and smoothing motions to avoid fallout.

Semi-Sweet is a medium brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture is smooth, blendable but the colour payoff is not true to pan, but it’s enough to work well, just not the most pigmented.



Hazelnut is a medium-dark, golden bronze with a soft, frosted sheen. The texture was soft and it had good color payoff. It blended smoothly.

Creme Brulee is an antique gold with warm undertones. It had a rich colour pay-off, a beautiful bejeweled shade. It was very soft, which was easy to blend but caution, there can be some fallout because of it beige very soft in texture. Make sure you pack this colour on carefully to avoid metallic under eyes, which may be great for Jeffry Star’s Highlighter Challenge but not appropriate for everyday use in that way. This shade had intense pigmentation and is a stand out shade in this palette.

Haute Chocolate is dark chocolate brown with a frosted finish. It had fantastic color payoff and the texture was so rich and smooth and super pigmented. I experienced zero fallout with this shade, which is unusual for a shade that has a soft and buttery texture.

Right Hand Side



Strawberry Bon Bon is a pale pink with a matte finish. It is on the drier side but perform well as a matte shade despite it being slightly powdery.

Candied Violet is a greyish muted violet with pink shimmer. IT has a slight gritty feel. And the sparkles fall out when you blend so; if you using this shade do your eye make up first, to prevent cleaning up fallout. It blends fairly well, but is not as smooth as the rest of the shades.

Amaretto is a metallic warm brown with a metallic sheen. Best worn on the lid and because it has a sheen finish, you can get away with using this shade to deepen up the crease. It had good pigmentation, and the texture was soft


Cherry Cordial is plummy brown with flecks of sparkle. It had semi-opaque color payoff, and the texture was a bit dry and powdery.

Champagne Truffle is a brightened, pink-tinged white with a golden sheen and metallic finish. It had good pigmentation, and the texture was fairly soft.


Milk Chocolate is a medium, warm-toned brown with a yellow shift and matte finish. It had nice pigmentation and was easy to blend.

Black Forest Truffle is a burgundy-brown with bronze sparkle and shimmer. Performed very well on all is very opaque.

Triple Fudge is dark, blackened brown takes a little more effort to blend, but the end result is worth It is a drier formula but it doesn’t kick up a lot of dust which is surprising, but pleasantly so. It is a fantastic crease shade



Overall Thoughts

I am very critical of every palette I review and if you have been following me for a while you know I give it to you STRAIGHT, NO CHASER’ which doesn’t make me sweet as honey and popular . . . but I’d rather be direct than give you some lame ass phoney story and tell you what you want to hear . . . as opposed to what you need to hear.

This palette is a MUST-HAVE!  It’s WOC friendly and just great quality!

If you have a beauty mule, get it, if you se a third-party courier GET IT! IF you have to wangle and dangle (please, do not evade customs,) get it!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette has 16 shades
Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette has 16 shades

If I had to recommend an everyday palette over the Smashbox Full Exposure palette, which I have always favoured because of it’s super pigmented matte shades and versatility. This would be it. To be fair, I’d buy this palette for Cherry Cordial, Crème Brulle and Gilded Ganashe.

All round, this pallete gets a 12/10 from me. Why? Because despite some shades being a bit dry and having some glitter fallout, these issues are miniscule when compared to the rest of the shades in the palette.

I am a candy girl, I prefer this to chocolate, but while swatching, reviewing and using this palette, I found my self wanting some chocolate ice crème or a slice of chocolate gateaux.

This palette is not a basic b%$^ch neutral palette. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is the Original Gangster and I love it. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it, it is that good!

This palette is a MUST-HAVE!

If you have a beauty mule, get it, if you se a third-party courier GET IT! IF you have to wangle and dangle (please, do not evade customs,) get it!

Where to buy:

Price: $49 USD

Unfortunately, Too Faced does not ship to South Africa, but if there is one palette I suggest you go the extra mile for, it’s the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.

Will you be picking up this palette or do you think it isn’t worth the hassle to hunt it down? Do you have better neutral palettes that are your go to? Let me know, down below.!

Until next time, stay Blessed and beautiful

Love you all more than Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory.



Beauty Bugle.




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