Pretty Shock! Urban Decay Electric Palette {Review and Swatches}


I wouldn’t blame you for running a mile when you first see the UD Electric palette . . . with its 10 neon and colourful pressed pigments., it’s blinding! But . . . before you judge, let’s look into it so can decide whether or not to avoid it like the plaque or understand, this misunderstood palette . . .


The UD Electric palette comes with a plastic, dual-ended makeup brush that has purple synthetic bristles.

The one side is a fluffy shader brush, so you can pack on color and blend it out. The other side looks like a small shader brush. The bristles are dense so, you can use this to create an outline for the outer ‘V’ or line, define and smoke out the lower lash line! This side of the brush I would use for detailed work.


Pressed pigments, are they not eye shadows? All this means is that you have a richer colour pay-off without the addition of ‘bulking up’ agents such as talc, which these eye shadows DO have, but not as much as say, the Morphe 35o palette.

When you look at the palette, you may be a little intimidated. But when you swatch them, they are more sheer but can be built up if you want the colour that is true to pan. And this is the beauty of this palette . . .



Revolt is a a light media silver, with a metallic finish. Prone to fallout unless, you pack it on the lid. Sheer enough to be a fantastic eye shadow topper.

Gonzo is described is a bright turquoise matte with multi-dimensional pearl. It is pigmented and the texture a stiff matte. It blends out.

Slowburn is a fiery orange and I detected a slight gold sheen. It is very opaque and does stain. It is a red-based orange that has a smooth, semi-soft texture and that blends seamlessly.

Savage is blue-based fuchsia with a matte finish. It’s not a solid matte and can pass for satin. It had good pigmentation and the texture was soft and finely milled.

Fringe is at metallic teal. It is richly pigmented; almost jewel-toned, blends easily and has a soft texture.

Chaos is a cobalt blue with a matte finish. It has good pigmentation. The texture is smooth, applies well and blends easily.

Jilted is a metallic magenta with a violet shift. It has a beautiful duo chrome finish that is very unique. The pigmentation and texture is on point. This is the most ‘wearable’ shade in the palette. I say wearable, because, you can definitely rock this by itself.

Urban is deep purple purple with a slight pink shift. The texture is very smooth and does leave a beautiful metallic sheen, apparent on the eyelids. BEAUTIFULL!

Freak is a green with a golden sheen. It has a soft and smooth texture and blends well.

Thrash is yellowish green with gold sparkles. It has a satin finish. The texture is smooth. The powder is finely milled. When you blend it out, the sparkle is less evident. It has good pigmentation and and the texture is silky.



Final Thoughts

When you look at this palette, you think of someone tripping on acid, a rave, punks, weirdoes, and perhaps people you wouldn’t make eye contact with when you walking down the street. You know the kind, when you see them coming and you cross the street, I know you know. I don’t judge, so people who don makeup in this way is fro me, brave and super creative, just saying because I can appreciate, and the creativity.


But this palette is a very wearable. true story Once you start layering the shades, you will see how the different colour combinations mix together to create wearable look. Perhaps the most beautiful ‘topper’ shade is Revolt, which is a real game changer. This palette also offers great shades to add a pop of colour to a neutral look. This is also great for colourful ‘Bollywood’ style make up looks. Really, when you look at the shades, you will see that sharara, sharwa kameez and sari in your closet. I am tjatjarag , so I love these shades in a palette, well, it is to me anyway. It’s hid of like Holi (a Hindu festival that has people having fun with colours and ‘throwing ‘ colour powder on each other’


Who is this palette for? This palette is for a makeup lover that wants to take risks, that loves to play with colour and working with textures and watching how micro fine glitter and a golden sheen can make magic on the eyes. This is for the makeup-lover who just loves playing with makeup make up and is a must have for makeup artists, especially when doing editorial looks.

If you’re not into that, and there is no shame in not being into it, don’t buy this. Save it for one of the UD Naked palette.

Will you pick this up or do you think you will never make use of it? Let me know, down below.

Until we meet again

Remember, I love you all

With all my heart



Beauty Bugle

Where to Buy: Urban Decay stockists (yes, they will land on our sunny shores’

Price: R49 USD (RSP)

Ya’ll know she’s sssssspensive so be sure you will use it if you buy these.

Until Next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all so, so, so

Very much



Beauty Bugle

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