RANT! Do you need the Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid?


Colour correcting is all the rage at the moment with every makeup company coming out with all sorts of products in different formulas. You get tubes of creamy liquids with brush-tipped applicators, serum correctors, primers, crayon-like sticks, and powders, thick and mousse-like creams . . . and that’s just out the top of my head!

It would be short-sighted and stupid of me to call this a trend. Strobing was a trend. Colour correcting, while not essential, is used to create a flawless base by targeting problem areas with an exact science behind it. Therein lies both its credibility and longevity.

The basic premise of colour correcting is: Green reduces redness. Lavender balances sallowness. Pink brightens dark areas. Yellow corrects dullness. Peach masks circles/spots.


I’d be lying if I say I colour correct every day . . . or every time I do my makeup. I do it when my skin is a bit moodier than usual, concentrating especially on my dark circles, which apart from pigmentation around my mouth, is my biggest skin concern.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid claims to blur the look of imperfections and instantly correct. I would hope it is instant, have you heard of a colour corrector that when applied doesn’t do something?

On the Urban Decay the website, it says this of the Urban Decay Colour Correctors: ‘ Subtle pearlescent pigments diffuse light to perfect skin, while antioxidant-rich vitamins C and E condition and protect.’

Straight off the bat, I got the deepest shade available. Peach. This is the corrector I am reviewing for because I wanted to correct my dark circles. This isn’t a dark peach; it’s a light peach. But we will get to that later on.


The texture of the Urban Decay corrector is lightweight and blends out seamlessly. In my experience, many colour-correctors are thick, creamy (some not so much) and with the exception of Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Gel serum corrector and MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter Pen in Peach Lustre, correctors are not the easiest to blend out because they are more often than not, thick and waxy. This doesn’t mean you can’t work with them. You just have to use a bit more elbow grease to get it to blend in.


Urban Decay says that with this concealer, you don’t need to carry a brush around with you when you’re on the go because of the flocked applicator (flattened with a straight tip without the bulk of a traditonal doe-foot applicator) the same, great applicator,  the concealer has. This does make for even application, depositing the right amount of product and is gentle enough to use on the delicate under eye. But I’m confused. You don’t need a brush? If you don’t need a brush to apply the corrector, I can understand that, but surely you will need a brush or sponge to blend it. So you will need a brush regardless, no? Another strange ‘pro’ of this product is the on-the-go bit or do they mean travelling? Still,  I do not touch up my colour corrector during my lunch break because I apply corrector before my concealer when I do my makeup, finished and klaar.  I personally love the consistency of the Urban Decay Colour Corrector because I like the texture and the coverage. I find that going over it with the Naked Skin Complete Coverage Weightless Concealer, a shade or two lighter than my skin tone for highlighting purposes and concealing, works exceptional well when paired together.


In my opinion, this corrector is for the beauty that likes a highlighted, super bright under eye (the Kim K kind of highlighting) It colour corrects and brightens, but this is worth it if you are adding a highlighting concealer over top where you don’t want to compromise the effect of the highlight. Makes sense? If you use this and go over it with a thick, full coverage concealer, you will lose the highlighted effect, so you are better off using a corrector with a darker peach hue or something thicker then going over it with a concealer of your choice that doesn’t have that ‘highlighting’ effect that the Urban Decay Correcting Fluid offers. Let’s keep it real babes, the ‘Kim K’ look is not loved by everyone and like I always say, there’s no shade or no shame in that.


Overall Thoughts

It is pointless to have a highlighted effect from a colour corrector, no matter how beautiful, when you are going to use a concealer that will not bring out the best effect of that corrector and concealer combined. You rather stick to a corrector that compliments your concealer. With many colour correctors, when used correctly, you can apply it and walk out the door because it should cancel the discoloration you were targeting, in my case, like i said, it is the peach shade of colour correcting for my dark under eye circles. With the UD colour correcting fluid, I won’t apply this and dash to the mall, because it will lighten my under-eye area in that highlighting way and without foundation or a concealer to neutralize this and bring it to its natural tone, this look isn’t cute. For me, colour correction is an added step to allow the concealer to sit better on the skin and correct imperfections, to give you brighter (not highlighted) under-eye and flawlessness.

My approach to colour correcting is this, if the colour corrector is a step you are doing to add another layer of makeup that you will cover with a full coverage concealer, you don’t need it. If the concealer can cover everything, this is a wasted step. This is my rant about colour correcting . . . most people can do with it, but depending on your concealer, everyone doesn’t need it. Match the intensity, coverage and texture of your corrector to your concealer. You do not need to slather orange corrector under your eyes to get rid of dark circles if you are going to put on a concealer that would have covered up the darkness by itself anyway. Nor do you want to put on a corrector that will just change the colour of your concealer or foundation. Here’s the thing, I have the greatest subbies in the world. You angels are intelligent, discerning consumers, who make the choice to save up and buy a high-end product, have the buying power to splurge, like the option to save some cash (who doesn’t) and who are not going to blindly buy into the hype! And there is something I would like to add to ALL my haters. I’m not always right but I can hold my own in a conversation about makeup, beauty and fashion without the help of Google. I am not a blogger trying to be a makeup artist, nor am I makeup artist trying to be a blogger, I am a media and communications university graduate with a decade of media experience, pioneering at that, under my belt. I am also a professional makeup artist with a diploma in Advanced Makeup Artistry from one of the most prestigious makeup and beauty schools in Mzansi. You, yes, you haters, because I know you are reading this, would do well to understand that. There is a science to colour correcting and I wish there was more transparency so as to not insult anyone’s intelligence and make them buy things they do not need. I’m tjatjarag, voes and proudly South African! (even though I do use ‘y’all’ and other Americanisms *wink wink*) Ok, RANT, over!

Back to regular programming . . .

PS: I’m not bashing the product. I do really like it. It is more about irresponsible ‘copy and paste’ information fed blindly to subscribers on both a blogging and YouTube platforms. Note also that I follow both local and international beauty gurus and most of them are super stars 🙂

Where to buy: Urban Decay store in Sandton City (Another store is due to open in Cape Town. At this stage I do not know of any online stores) Note Urban Decay has launched an online pop-up store  selling the Naked palettes ONLY for a LIMITED TIME only, so check it out while it’s up 

Price: R250 for 5ml.

It’s not ssshhheeep but it’s at the same price point as MAC but cheaper than Bobbi Brown.

Until next time.

Stay blessed and beautiful,

Love you all and appreciate you all so much, your belief in me is everything.



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  • Sjoe …..

    I enjoy your blog because I always learn something new. I appreciate the thorough reviews. Keep up the good work, Prativa! 🙂

    • You, my angel, are such a star, you have been since my journey started lol. I know, I had to rant, after biting my tongue for almost a year, i finally had it and it takes me a long, long, long time to even get slightly riled up! rofl! I appreciate you angels reading my reviews, always. I try to respond to each and everyone of u, because every single one of you make my day 🙂 Thank you sweetheart.

  • I just read your review and you are doing such a sterling job. Every time i read any of your reviews you make me want that specific product or you give me hindsight whether it is worth getting or not. You are a good and kind person. Leave the haters to hate. They probably cannot even afford half of what you got 🙂
    Love and hugs ( i am your fan for life 🙂 )

    • Awwww, you are too kind . . . You know, it’s not even about money or stuff, if ppl hate on that, it’s ok. it’s when your intelligence and integrity is challenged. when they know you know and think that by not saying anything, you will disappear. . . That infuriates me. I totally get you when you say leave the haters, which is great advise and I do, generally lol . . . but you know how it is sometimes, if one just keeps quiet for too long, the assumption is that one is stupid or that it’s ok to continue with the bad behaviour. I love you too hun . . . always 🙂

  • Thanks for the honest review! I was thinking of picking this up, I do colour correct under my eyes, but then I do also like to use a light concealer over it… Will have to go back to the store and have a look.

    • Hi hunny, thank you reading and your feedback. If you’re like me and love a highlighted undereye, it’s a good one. still I don’t think I’ll repurchase this one, Bobbi Brown all the way!!!!! xoxo

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