Bosso Ke Mang #5 {Alila vs Urban Decay}


Today I’m kicking off a new Midweek Mystery with a product battle of Makeup Setting sprays! I’ve noticed that setting sprays are becoming more popular of late and I couldn’t be happier! With a wide selection from different brands, I’m having as much trouble choosing, worse than the troubles I have when making roti (They are never round and always look like a map of Australia!)


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Back to the battle! Living in a hot climate, it’s natural for makeup to break up, smudge, and well . . . melt . . .

Don’t you dread that . . . moment where you can’t face your face . . . ?

Grab a setting spray (some of them) and you are good to go!

Setting sprays are hairspray for your face, they are not hydrating mists like MAC Fix+. I seem to say this like a song stuck on repeat but the difference between these products is so often misunderstood.

Today I am comparing two make up setting sprays: The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray and the Alila Fix That Makeup spray.

I have done individual reviews for both so you are welcome to read those. These Bosso Ke Mang posts are usually a shorter summary of the two or more products battling to be crowned champion!


About the brands

Urban Decay is a US-based company, which blew onto the make up seen like a tornado with their now iconic Naked palette series. They are a cruelty free brand that optimizes edgy and cool vibes. . . to the point of being somewhat rebellious, in a good way.

Alila is a South African Professional makeup brand, used primarily by make up artists. I learnt about them while studying makeup artistry.

While I’ve never been impressed with Alila’s lip products, their Dazzle Dusts, foundations and eye shadows rival the best.


Urban Decay is currently only sold at a store in Sandton City, in Johannesburg with plans to open a store in Cape Town. There isn’t an online store yet.

Alila has an online store and a physical store situated in in Edenvale in eastern Johannesburg Alila, while only having one store, has the edge over Urban Decay in this regard because of its online store.



Alila is loud and proud, in true South African fashion (Mzansi for sho) with their bright yellow packaging with black and a muted yellow, checkered pattern at the bottom of the bottle. It is a spray bottle made of plastic, which looks a little cheap, with a clear plastic nozzle.


Urban Decay’s
packaging looks like a can of Mr. Min, like an aerosol can. It is made of a sturdier plastic, with a double cap. It also has a plastic nozzle that is white. This gives it the edge over Alila in terms of durability.



Alila’s Fix That Makeup Spray is long lasting and claims to deliver smudge proof makeup. The setting can safely be used every day and is hypoallergenic.

The other claim is that it intensifies all pigments on the face, which it does. I think this is due to it being slightly moister than the Urban Decay setting spray. It isn’t as lightweight as the Urban Decay All Nighter and gets slightly tackier after you spritz it onto your face. That said, it doesn’t leave the skin taught or leave behind any residue

Urban Decay’s All Night Setting spray is an excellent setting spray that doesn’t dry the skin, keeps make up in place for a solid 10 hours, doesn’t leave white residue and is lightweight.

Price: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

R450 for 118ml

Alila Fix that Makeup: R170 for 125ml


Overall Thoughts

The Urban Decay spray has a slight edge in terms of being a more perfected formula and looking more refined. The hype is real with this product but it’s not life-changing for the price. Also, you have to be careful not to waste product. Can you imaging spraying some in the air and you go like, ‘that was R10 just there’ lol. And it’s advised to the XT 2 to 4 times! That’s a lot of rands!!!

Alila, while not as established a company as Urban Decay, holds it own giving Urban Decay a run for its money! The packaging can be a bit off-putting for makeup snobs, it’s loud and sometimes loud can’t be taken seriously. But it’s what’s inside that counts, and what’s inside is pretty darn good! Spritz this in a criss/cross motion over your face and you’re ready, set and glam!

Setting sprays are not for everyone, some people do not need it . . . and if you don’t, skip it and don’t add another layer of makeup just because everyone else does it . . .


♥♥♥♥Ke Boss?♥♥♥♥

If you’re new to the make up game and want to try a setting spray to get a feel of the benefits, try the Alila Fix That Makeup spray because it’s cheaper, effective and kind to the skin, claims the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray makes. For more than half the price, you are not getting half the quality. I assure you.


Where to Buy: Alila Fix That Makeup

Or  visit Shop L135, Greenstone Malll in Edenvale ,in eastern Johannesburg.

Which setting spray would you buy? Do you use one? which is your favourite? Let me know, down below

Until next time.

Stay blessed and beautiful

I love you all so very much



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