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Hi my angels, today, I am giving you a heads up on three products from a skin care line that I am currently testing

It is called Jean d’Avèze, Paris Skin Care. I’m doing this because it will take me a while to give you the results, perhaps a month, to see if these products live up to its claims and are worth the money because these are not sssshhhheeepp products. If you have been following me for a while, you know that skincare is my first priority before anything, even makeup. I’ve met people who don’t like makeup, and prefer to wear only lip balm but I never met any who doesn’t want good skin. Of course, diet, genetics, medication, exercise, state of mind and other factors can affect your skin and having a good skincare regime is a must. I don’t do many skincare reviews because I am terrified of any side effects from topical skin care. This is the reason I chose only moisturizers and not hectic, intense serums to review. I have good skin off the most part, it’s not phenomenal by any stretch of the imagination. it dry and very sensitive. It is often dehydrated (I need to be better with my drinking water). I am also vegetarian, who may also contribute to it being clear-ish. I have pigmentation around my mouth , uneven skin tone and freckles. My face is sensitive to the elements and I often get red in my face, especially in winter.


Jean d’Avèze Paris is a high quality and advanced technology line of skincare products from the renowned manufacturers, Jean d’Avèze Paris in France. This been available in Europe for over 58 years and is distributed worldwide in over 50 countries. It was first created in 1953 by a doctor in Bio-Chemistry, Alice Darot who discovered the exceptional rejuvenating properties of Calophytherapy. Calophytherapy is same active ingredient was first used in the main hospitals of Paris, France for helping to reduce surgery scars and for dressing wounds because of its beneficial regenerating and therapeutic properties.


Jean d’Avèze Paris Jouvence Cream is a topical cream of choice for acne and surgery scars, stretch marks, aging skin and other skin imperfections.


it has a thick texture and is slightly heavy but not greasy.  Jouvence Cream claims to help rejuvenate and recover the natural skin functions with a better moisture retention, and a lasting effect of softer, smoother and radiant skin.

Price: R905


White Lotus Cream (note this is a sample size)

This is a paraben free moisturizer has a smooth and luxurious texture designed for sensitive skin. It claims to have both for anti-ageing assisting with breakout or acne.


Suitable for day or night, White Lotus Cream is an ideal make-up base.

Price: R825


Throat and neck cream

This cream claims to, moisturize, protect and nourish the fragile skin on the throat and neckline area.


I always advise to bring your moisturizer down your neck because sagging skin in that fragile is so often neglected while being the part of the body that shows one of the first signs of ageing. this is has a more liquid consistency that the Jouvence cream.

Price: R655 (She’s sssspensive)

You can expect a full report on whether or not these creams work or make a difference to my skin.

If you want to check out the rest of the range and the other products on offer, visit:


What’s your skincare must-have? Lemme know down below!

until next time, stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all, really, really . . . really



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