Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics palette! Lust List #2

Image from www.urbandecay.com
Image from www.urbandecay.com

Yesterday (15 August 2016) @trendmood1 on Instagram and Urban Decay revealed the Urban Decay’s New Ultimate Naked Basics Palette! The palette is set to launch on next month, 18 September in the US. It’s a palette of 12 all matte, brand new shades


Image from @trendmood1
Image from @trendmood1

Jugding from the images, it looks like a good mix of cool and warm tones, which should suit light to deep skin tones.

Image from www.urbandecay.com
Image from www.urbandecay.com

It comes with a dual-ended brush, with a blending side on one end and a smudger brush on the other side.


image from www.urbandecay.com
image from www.urbandecay.com

Wende Zomnir, Chief Creative Officer and Founding partner of Urban Decay explains in a video all bout this addition to the Naked palette series. On the Urban Decay website. The palette was created after several request on social media for an all matte Urban Decay Naked palette.

Image from Urban Decay's Instagram account.
Image from Urban Decay’s Instagram account.

All matte shadows are few and far between. I own one all matte eye shadow palette. The tarte tartelette palette (true story). I usually can tell the quality of an eye shadow palette by the quality of the matte shades. I love matte eye shadows and probably use at least on in every eye shadow look. I love using them as transition shades, diffusing shades and for smudging out the lower lash line and as eyeliner.

Urban Decay’s matte shadows have been hit and miss for me in the past, more hits than misses. I am waiting to see how these shades perform. While the promises are that it’s smooth and creamy (when I hear those words I always get this mental picture of ice cream, just thought I’d share that with you)

Image from www.urbandecay.com
Image from www.urbandecay.com

The packaging is life, being square as opposed to rectangular like the other palettes in the series. There’s no tin, plastic, felt in sight! The outside is gold and shiny (10 points to Gryffindor) and has this sunray pattern. It’s breathtaking.

I hope we get it in South Africa, I am hopeful because we have had all the recent launches in our store pretty close to the releases in the US. Crossing fingers . . . I haven’t seen any posts yet with the details from our SA’s top beauty bloggers  . . . so let me know if you see it before I do!

Where to buy: If it does come to SA, the Urban Decay store in Sandton City or the store in Cape Town, when it opens. Who knows, there maybe an online store. (cross your fingers and toes)

Price: TBA

Are you excited about the release of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette? Do you like all matte eye shadow palettes or prefer a good mix of finishes? Let me know down below.



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