There are many things I can tolerate, (it may not seem like it because of my rants) but there are a few things that really push my buttons. Hate speech, attacks on my integrity or those of people I love, lies, peas, cauliflower, disrespect and bullies! You may be asking yourself: “This is a makeup, beauty and all things pretty blog, why are you dedicating a whole blog post to this?” Well, because we live in an age where we are constantly on social media, at the mercy of bullies. I want my readers to feel good and pretty on the inside too. Life is more than makeup . . .



NB: I have blocked out the names of the people who were responsible for these comments. I didn’t have to, i did it out of respect although they made these statements on a public domain.

So, I recently started uploading once a week on my YouTube channel. I have about 15 videos up and only 222 subscribers. It’s a small channel.

I did a video and two viewers had an issue with my lighting. I am fine with constructive criticism; you can even call me ugly or say you hate my make up application . . . but this went further . . . I’ll get into that in another post, perhaps.

On the first lighting issue, I replied in a civil manner. The other commenter took it further to say I was setting a bad example to young girls . . . this was an attack on my integrity, still I maintained a civil but snippy approach in my response.

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But it went further . . . one of them took it to Beauty Bugle’s Facebook page where the subject was elaborated upon and it was getting out of control!

This is when I deleted both comments from my Facebook page and my YouTube and blocked these individuals.

You may think, ‘Prativa, you put yourself out there and open yourself to criticism, what do you expect?’ I accept that . . . but bullying and trolling? HELL NO! I’m not down with that Sh%&$T SHOW!

It takes one comment to start a negative thread of comments that can get out of hand fast!


So I clapped back and SHUT IT DOWN! The point of this: Do not tolerate cyber bullying or bullying in general! SHUT IT DOWN! You cannot change the world but you can change your own show. By not taking action, you are sending a message that the behaviour is okay. Remember, you have a delete and block button. I am strong enough to CLAP BACK and SHUT IT DOWN, but many people aren’t.

(WARNING: These are heart-wrenching and disturbing videos. Watch at your own discretion) Teenagers have killed themselves because of bullying. Recently a 13-year-old boy Danny Fitzpatrick hanged himself after years of bullying. He left a chilling note ‘ I GAVE UP’. There’s the story of Amanda Todd, who killed herself after making a chilling video on YouTube, before committing suicide because of cyber bullying.

I’m a grown woman and I will clap back because of my allergic reaction to bulls%$%t, but I know of many adults, who are still bullied and some have been deeply affected by the bullying in their childhood. It has manifested into so many problems in their adult lives. Adults are bullied in the workplace, by family members and even ‘friends’. This often leads to depression, low self-esteem and gives rise to social anxiety. This means a human being is not allowed to live their best life.

This is WRONG . . . again I say SHUT IT DOWN!


When some one says something nasty, 90% of the time it’s more about them than you. Imagine putting all that time and energy to spread hate about someone you don’t know?

My late mum used to say: “The ugliness of speech is the character behind it, keep your words soft and sweet because you never know when you have to eat them and most importantly, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.”


And of course Madea always has great advice! I know this Miss Madea, but I will clap back . . . then sip my tea . . .


What actions, if any,  are you going to take against cyber bullies or bullies in general? Should one may it no mind and brush it off as ‘it is what it is’ or clap back? You know my answer . . .

Let me know your thoughts, down below

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful,

Remember, you are loved always



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  • I have watched every single one of your videos and in my eyes they are perfect i have literally learnt soooo much from you! It seems as if this “hater” is one person with multiple accounts and bottom line they just a jealous -soles that is why my sister and I deleted our beauty instagram account because of all the negativity and plain out bitcheness from fellow south african accounts! the mere fact that you and other youtubers as well, make videos and put yourself out there for the world to see is enough proof that you are confident about your great features and the not so great that you dislike ☺dont stop what you doing because your work is amazing!!

    • Awwww love, that is so kind. It isn’t what they say as much as the lengths ppl will go to. they can call me what ever they want. But cyber bullies or bullies in general need to take several seats. yes, there will always be people who stay stuff and they do not scare me, at all. I just want you angels to be aware. You should not have shut your account down because of cyber bullies, that is what I don’t want to happen. It’s very sad. Love always Prativa. ps Get ur account back up and don’t worry about the trolls

  • Babe! You are amazing at what you do, I read your blog posts and watch your videos religiously. The fact that you’re such a sweet soul and getting such negativity from these trolls is heart breaking. Do you boo boo…

    • Hi Saneshnie, thank you so much. Your support means a lot. Trolls are trolls and I don’t tolerate it, and no one should. they don’t deter me in the least. Love u angel xoxo

  • Your videos are awesome Prativa , you will always get haters just dont give them any attention because that is all they are looking for

    • Nope, I do not care for them and truthfully, I am new to the YT game. I’m not saying my set up is perfect, I can take that criticism, lighting etc. It’s the act of bullying itself. That is wrong. I don’t care what they say . . . it’s them taking it too far. Thank you for your sweet words. I so appreciate your support. xoxo

  • OMG such horrid people :O They should really follow this saying” “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all,” and mind their own business. If they do not like what they see, simply just close it.
    I have always been a huge fan of yours.I love your videos and reviews and in all honesty I learn so much from you. You are such a good, sweet, confident person really wish i could be more like you as I lack confidence.
    You just keep doing what you do. I think you are doing a fantastic job.
    Love you. xxx fan for life

    • Awwwwww, so sweet . I love u too. U must be confident! Take on the world, it’s yours to take 🙂 I am glad u enjoy the content I put out. Yip, some ppl take it too far. Let’s hope people now learn to say NO to bullying. It is not kind xoxox P

  • Some people can be so rude !! I find your blog and videos always helpful. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I agree – take a stand against any type of bullying!

    On my wish list: kind people showing respect to each another 🙂

  • People can be so mean !!! Prativa , you are amazing and i think that your videos are awesome and i have learnt so much. Its clear that those individuals have nothing better to do…. Cyber bullying definitely needs to be shut down !!!
    You are an inspiration and your blog / youtube channel is my favorite and will continue to be so <3


  • I think you did the right thing, it’s your channel, your Fb page, we would not tolerate people coming into our homes being disrespectful. Doesn’t mean they can do the same on a public platform. What nonsense about sociology case study, that’s laughable . Cudos to you for taking back your power. I mean if we let it go to far, then people will be telling us we can’t flat iron our hair, wear falsies or shape our brows because we ashamed of our ethnicity.

    • thank you so much Jan for your insight and input. I think you are so right about not letting things get out of hand. Indeed, next thing we know, we will be told how to wear our makeup. I think I have tough skin when it comes to what they say but if we don’t stand up, we will be trampled on! Kudos to you angel, for those words. You are very kind to support me as well. xoxo Prativa

  • Ok im reading this post quite late but im so moved. Ive read a quote somewhere which goes something like… what you resist or despise in a person is actually a reflection of yourself. Ok maybe i got that quote totally wrong but i fully agree with you and i would also clap back! I proudly say No to bullying, any kind of bullying. I was teased alot in primary school and it still scarred me years later. I only recently got over the lack of confidence/ extreme introvertedness about 3 years ago and im going to be 30 soon! I used to be teased about my ears (my dumbo ears haha) among other things it made me so ashamed of myself. But now its more like screw you i dont care what you think. Thank u for your post and for standing up to those cyber bullies. Your mum is def proud of u and how she raised u. I also believe if u have nothing nice to say dont say anythin xo big hugs.

    • Lucinda, you are spot on with that quote, it’s their anger and hate in their situation that causes these types of incidents. First off, thank u for taking a stand against bullying and for being so brave to share your story. i am so hurt that u had to go through that. Children can be so mean, and in primary school? These kids usually grow up to be mean adults and I wonder where they parents are not to discipline them as opposed to leaving that to the teachers . You are so beautiful, inside and out) and don’t you ever forget that. It is shocking to me how bullying in childhood manifests in adulthood, the damage is so real and it takes a long time to get past it. I am so proud of you that you have overcome that and are living your best life. Often, at school, coz I went to 3 different high schools, bullies would come at me on my first day and I’d clap back and they would run scared and become my ‘best friends’. I have always clapped back and I do my bit to stop bullying when I see it happen. Thank u for for those kind words about my mum. She was a wise, wise lady, who used to ALWAYS, clap back, so clapping back is genetic lol! xoxo Prativa

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