Just Desserts! Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette { Review and Swatches}


When I was a little girl, we used to have a desert on special occasions. It was canned peaches with Nestle’s Tinned Dessert cream. Growing up very poor, and having my dad pass when I was very young, and coming from the township and single parent home, this was a real treat and we would only have it on special occasions. The scent of peach takes me back to my childhood, those years where money was tight but loved flowed in abundance! Also, my hometown is Durban, South Africa. It is humid AF but tropical, and at my home, Papaya, Avocadoes, Guavas, Bananas, Lemons, Mangoes, Pumpkins, Coriander, Chilies and Mint (that’s what I can think of at the top of my head) grew wild. I truly felt like was living in an orchard. So fruit has a special place in my heart. It’s a sentimental thing, I guess. Well, enough of the reminiscing.


Enter the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette that was released in May this year. It broke the Internet and was sold out immediately.

Too Faced didn’t anticipate the number of people who would buy the palette, so they began manufacturing a new batch set to release in November this year! Keep a look out for that!

Unlike the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette and the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, that have 16 shadows in it and two larger pans with a shimmering highlight shade and a light matte/satin shade, these come with 18 peach-inspired eyeshadows.

The palette smells of peach, like a whole truckload of peaches . . . I love the sweet smell . . . but if you don’t, skip this, because it will give you a headache. The smell lasts and lasts and my palette permeate my makeup studio even when it’s closed shut! But once applied to your lids, the smell disappears.



The packaging is super cute with the logo and name of the palette raise and the tin case having a beautiful ombre- light peach to deep orange effect. There are ten raised peach forms on the lid. It has a magnetic closure and snaps shut. I also have a full-sized, good quality mirror.


It also comes with a step-by-step instruction guide if you’re a beginner and have no clue about where to start. But, let’s be real, every one is a self-proclaimed beauty guru (Not me, I am anything but and have never claimed to be otherwise) on YouTube these days has a tutorial on every palette. Hey, if you can draw contour and highlight lines on your face or do the ‘halo brow’ (that drives me insane), you can call yourself a pro, no? Anyhoo, back to the palette




Left to Right (Row with three shades, horizontal)


Bless Her Heart is sage green with antique gold reflects. It has a beautiful metallic finish and is very smooth. It is a very unusual shade and is breathtaking. It’s long-wearing and not prone to fading. The colour payoff is intense when used over primer.

Tempting is a rich blackened brown with micro fine glitter. It is not very opaque and is a stiffer formula. It loses pigmentation when blended and it is difficult to blend out. It fades, so it’s not long-lasting. Being the deepest shade in the palette, it is disappointing.

Charmed, I’m Sure is mid-tone medium brown with a matte finish. It applies smoothly but it’s difficult to blend. It has a slightly stiffer formula when compared to the other eyeshadows. It loses much of its pigment when blending. This is probably because you have to work really hard to get it to blend. Despite this, it is long-lasting.


Bellini is a peachy-pink with golden shimmer. It has a soft, frosted finish similar to Cobbler. It’s lightweight and smooth, blends beautifully and has just the right amount of pigment to maintain the softness of the shade. It’s blendable and long-lasting.

Peach Pit is a purple with dark brown and a satin finish. It isn’t the best formula but it’s easy to blend out. It lacks pigmentation. It lasts a long time but performs poorly for the most part.

Delectable is deep violet with a satin finish. This eyeshadow has a very stiff formula and is a bit difficult to pick up with a brush. However, unlike the other deeper shades, it has great pigmentation.


Puree is a muted orange brown that has a tendency to look darker on the lid than in the pan. It has a dry, stiff formula that has great staying power and its super pigmented. It’s long lasting and a very versatile shade. It takes a bit of effort to blend out, but not much where your arthritis will kick in.

It has a matte finish. It has a semi-opaque coverage with a firmer texture in the pan.

Summer Yum is a warm reddish-brown with excellent pigmentation. It has great colour payoff and is easy to blend. This is strange because it has a gritty stiff and dry texture but somehow works. It is also long-lasting with a matte finish that isn’t chalky. I need those unicorn tears that they pit into that formula!

Talk Derby to Me is a blackened purple with fine sparkle. This is gritty in texture. You can feel the glitter, even though the glitter is fine. They colour payoff is poor because it’s patchy. So, it’s sheer on some parts and the glitter is visible, and it’s super matte in some parts. It is very difficult to blend, fades easily and is the worst performing shade in the palette.



Left to right: Row with three shades, horizontal


White Peach is sheer beige with a satin finish. The texture is smooth and it’s easy to blend. It’s long lasting and works as a beautiful brow bone highlight and well as to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. If you are a chocolate beauty like me, you must use a primer to get the best colour pay-off from this eyeshadow.

Luscious is a medium peachy copper (If you read that fast, it sounds like my fave character Lucious Lyon from the hit TV series Empire. (Yoh, what can I say, I’m ratchet like that). It has a smooth texture, is long lasting and easy to blend. Applied wet, the pigment truly stands out. It is a great all over lid colour and super pigmented!

Just Peachy is rose with a metallic gold shift. It applies smoothly, blends easily and is perfect for deeper complexions. This is another great shade that really pops on the eyelid when applied wet.


Nectar is a frosted soft gold with a peach shift. It is slightly chalky but still blends out smoothly and has great pigmentation. It does sheer out on application but you can definitely build up the intensity without having fallout. It is long-lasting and not prone to fading.

Cobbler is reddish copper with a high-shine metallic sheen. The consistency is buttery and smooth. It has good pigmentation, applies smoothly and is easy to work with. This is one of the best performing shades in the palette.

Candied Peach is a muted, medium orange with a hint of pink. When swatched, it has great pigmentation but sadly becomes sheer as you blend it out. That said, it still makes for a great transition shade. It fades a bit because it sheers out so much but it’s nothing annoying or that you can’t work with.


Peaches ‘n Cream is soft peachy beige with a matte finish. It’s slightly dry and chalky and quite sheer. This isn’t the most brown-girl friendly shade, so a tinted eyeshadow primer such as MAC’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot would be an ideal to use under the eyeshadow to get the maximum colour payoff. It has good pigmentation as far as sheer eyeshadows go.

Georgia is light peach with a sheer matte finish. It lacks pigmentation and is barely noticeable on my skin tone. It’s not a complete write-off and will show up over top of a coloured primer.

Caramelized is frosted bronze. Smooth, blendable, long-lasting and has an excellent colour payoff. This is a great shade that will compliment all skin tones, especially those with brown or blue eyes.


Overall Thoughts

One of the biggest complaints I have heard is about the lack of Peach shades in the palette. Honestly, I disagree. I don’t think I would but a palette with 16 shades of peach. A good amount of shades have a peachy, orange undertone. I see the greens, browns and purples reflect the peach tree, it’s leaves and even the pit. I do not think this is an unbalanced palette. I think the shades fit the theme.

This palette is for those who love warm, orangey/peachy eyeshadows, think fresh spring and summer looks or warm-toned smoky eyes. The formulas of the eyeshadows itself are hit and miss. This palette is thematic; the theme is peach, duh! Imagine if a Strawberry palette were released? Will you really be happy to shell out your coins for 16 shades of red and pink? If I wanted 35 similar shades, I would buy a Morphe palette, A, B, D F, whatever number or letter of the alphabet they are on now! While this is marketed as a summer/spring palette, I think I would wear these shades all-year-round, coz it’s my Almond butter and Jam on Rye! This palette is not as versatile as the

Full sized mirror gets a Thumbs Up!
Full sized mirror gets a Thumbs Up!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. It caters for a specific beauty with a specific taste. Don’t waste your time if these aren’t shades you would wear on the daily, because you can definitely create simple day looks and sultry smoky looks.

The deeper shades were disappointing. However, with the exception of Talk Derby To Me, the 15 other shades ranged from excellent to fair. You can’t have it all in each palette.

Would I recommend this palette? Yes, to you angels that love warm-toned, peachy and coral looks. But, that said, I have a tendency to be drawn to these warm-toned shades. If you do not have a neutral palette, this is not for you. Try the

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette
Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

or the


or the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for starters. There palettes have a great range of cool and warm toned neutral shades.

If you love warm tones. . . think of this as


the Morphe 35o’s sister, who lives in Camps Bay, Cape Town, you know, Bougie’ (pronounced boo’-she) from the ‘burbs.

 Where to buy: Too Faced stockists. It will be difficult to get a hold of in South Africa, but it’s not impossible with third party freighting companies and third party sellers. Just make sure you don’t pay thrice the price from any third party seller . . . don’t be ripped off! I have been in the past and have learnt my lesson.

Price: $49USD

Do you think you would get this palette or is this just a whimsical want and not a need?

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all more than I love peaches and cream



Beauty Bugle

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  • I grew up in Durban as well. Peaches and cream was also on special occasions for us as well 🙂 Miss having Mangoes and guavas. Also Bor and figs in syrup. Lol let me control myself now.

    Gorgeous palettes wow. I doubt that I will be getting this palette as it very pricey. But its very beautiful.

    • MMMMMMMM . . . Sophia, now I’m homesick too. Really? Do you think the peaches and cream was a Durban Indian thing? lol The palette is gorgeous. I think if you want the type of shades , you can definitely find them , the orangey, browny shades in the Morphe 350 palette. The Stila palettes eyes, Mind, what what, sound great. I hear so many great things about them. thanks for commenting and taking me back to the good, old days xoxo

  • I was born in Durban 🙂

    My favourite shades: Bellini / Cobbler / Summer Yum / Caramelized and Candied Peach.

    ps. I do not like / eat fruit – I do not like the smell of fruit. Just me …… I know ….. 🙂

    • Yay! You are a Durban girl! Beautiful shades, I see you like shimmers. Lol, you are hilarious . . . I imagine you holding a placard with a pear printed on it and a no-entry sign on the placard, in a demonstration outside Fruit and veg City!!! I do like fruit, but look at eat peas or eat bananas. I love banana flavoured milkshake, the banana sweet in the Sparkles variety pack and Chappies bubblegum in the banana flavour, but I cannot eat an actual banana lol!Thank u for commenting my angel. xoxo

  • Hi Tiva x this palette is a miss for me i think. I only seem to like the shade Luscious from your beautiful swatches. Born and bred in Durbs and im still here 🙂 still reminisce about my childhood and spending lots of time at my nani’s house in Clairwood! Running around with the little yellow chicks she kept, making mud pies from reeeal “daga” type mud lol… ah good times xo thanks 4 the great post as always

    • Awwwww . . .I am truly touched by the response I have received on this post. So many of you angels have told me about your childhood experiences growing up in Durban. I know all about the chicks, so cute, I was also drawn to them lol. My neighbour kept a rooster who would legit wake me up at dawn lol. I haven’t heard the word ‘daga’ in a long time, those ‘sand cakes’ were the best right? Thank so much for your comment and feedback, as always
      xoxo Prativa

  • Did you swatch these over a primer?x mine are so much less pigmented unless over a primer. Maybe I got one from a bad batch…

    • Hi dear,no, its not switched over primer and all swatches are taken in natural daylight. I have done a look with it on my Youtube as well. Perhaps it will give you more of an indication there? xoxo Prativa

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