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Happy Spring Day 2016 my angels! Here’s to sun, fun, flows and cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Ok, ya’ll know, I am not a big lippie junkie but every so often, I come across a product that blows my mind.

And this is the case with Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour. I have the shades Devotion and Flirtation. These will defiantly be reaching for these lippies this Spring/Summer of 2016.

revlonultrahdmattelipcolourpackaging copy

First off, the frosted plastic bullets that these lipsticks come in are elegant, classy and look oh, so, ssssssppppensive!


What Revlon says about these Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours?

Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Color a lightweight, high definition, matte color with a moisturizing velvety feel. Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lips Colours are gel-formula, high-definition lip colors.






I have the shades: Devotion, is which is a a muted rose

and Flirtation,  which is  a mid-tone, soft peach. The colour payoff is insane, but I wear a matching lip liner underneath. However,  these lippies are opaque enough to cover my pigmented lips.


These lippies are NOT your regular liquid lipsticks. They do not dry matte. To be honest, I am not a fan of those ultra matte, liquid lippies that are uncomfortable to wear and dry and flake off my lips. I do care HOW on TREND they are, I despise the look and feel of them. You can see Devotion in action here

The Stila Stay All Day Liquid lippies are the best liquid lippies I have tried . . . (you can find that review here ) those do not give me those raisin lips. However, if you love dried prune lips, you do you boo! No shade, no shame!

Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour dries to a velvety, satin finish. These lippies are NOT transfer proof but they are hydrating and do wear off after a few hours of eating and drinking. But, the shades I have leave a beautiful stain behind, after they have faded. In my experience, I could re-apply them over top with out product build up. If you have dry, chapped lips, this product will settle into fine lines, but it is more forgiving than the traditional matte liquid lippes.


The pinched applicator is flexible and picks up the right amount of product. The pointed tip of the applicator allows you to  get precise around each and every contour of your lips while  the flat side allows you to spread the product evenly on the surface of your lips.


While Revlon says the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours have a’ creamy mango and whipped vanilla fragrance’, it smells very sweet, like candy floss, even sweeter. It’s nothing tropical, it’s just sweet. I don’t mind the scent and it does go away after you apply it. I mean, the scent lingers ever so slightly, only if you’re paying attention.


Where to buy: Revlon Stockists. Clicks, Dischem

Price: R169 (I bought mine from Clicks) so prices may vary.

Sure, it’s not the ssshhheepest out there, but I think you are getting more than your value for money with these lippies. They are phenomenal, I cannot rave enough about them. If you have been with me for a while, you know, I give it to like I drink my whiskey, straight, no chaser!

Have you tried the Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour? If so, what’s your fave shade? Do you prefer ‘traditional’ liquid lippes? Let me know, down below!

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful

Love you like I hate ‘raisin lips’ and metallic lippies. (Weren’t metallic lips laid to rest with the Legendary David Bowie? Isn’t shimmer-lipped Grace Jones an icon from the 1980s . . .  Just saying . . . and just kidding!)



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    • Hi hun, they are soo gorgeous, so I totes get the love!!!! Mmmmmmm, I always miss those deals, but I will keep an eye out for those specials! Dang 3 for 2! I want the Fuchsia and the nude . . . need! thank you so much for commenting sweetheart.It’s very kind of you xoxo Pratva , Beauty Bugle.

  • Thanks 4 the review of these! Ive being eyeing Devotion but the colour payoff doesnt seem anything like the colour on the poster 🙁 i agree wit u about Stila- amazing lippies! xo

    • Hi babe, Yip the images don’t really give a good idea of the colour. I also think they look totally different on everyone. I mean, like I said, I do wear a lip liner under, so it adds to it. But they are very opaque. There are some beautiful shades I want to get my hands on. I am literally obsessed with these. Yip Stila , reigns supreme! xoxo Prativa

    • Stila is excellent, it like Stila started the trend and no one else was able to master the formula lol. These revlon ones don’t dry down matte, they like mousse-type lipsticks lol i think i like them coz they not matte even tho they are called matte!. I am just obsesssed and you know how rare that is for me lol. thanks doll, you always give me such amazing feedback 🙂

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