Midweek Mystery: L’Oreal Sculpting Blush {Review and Swatches}


I love blush, the addiction has become very real over the past three years and when I look at my blush current collection sometimes, I know I will never be without a blush for the rest of my life . . . which brings me to the question? Has anyone ever hit pan on a blush? How long did that take you!


I recently bought a few makeup products from Clicks about two weeks ago and one of the things that caught my eye was the L’Oreal Sculpting Blush. There are a few products in this line, a mascara, face-sculpting duo and brush- (haven’t seen that or else I would have been on it faster than a Kim K marriage!) a foundation; I haven’t seen that yet either. Please correct me if I am wrong. Even if we do have it in South Africa, I doubt L’Oreal would have my shade.

You know, because despite living in a country where about 60% of the population is dark-skinned, it doesn’t make sense to bring deeper shades into the country. And yes, one section of the population is women of colour, middle to upper-middle class WITH BUYING POWER!

If some companies would only get that and not overlook it, business would benefit, not to mention how many hearts would sing! Perhaps, a more current demographic break down and new market research would do them well instead of using statistics from, I don’t know, 20 YEARS AGO!


Rant over and back to the blush! I never wore blush but I began to appreciate it when I saw how it elevates ones makeup. Adding a hint of colour to your face not only makes you look younger but it makes you happier. I know the happiness factor is bizarre but I really think that even if you’re on a diet and miserable inside, you can fake joy with blush. (True Story)

Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent here.

The L’Oreal Sculpting Blush comes in three shades, Soft Sand, Soft Rosy and Nude Beige. They comprise of a cheek highlight and two complimenting blush tones.

I got the shade 02 Nude Beige. This blush is made up of bronzy, coral and light beige shades. Honestly, on my skin tone and I would imagine anyone with a shade or two deeper than me, medium, olive and light/medium skin tones, this shade can also add some warmth to the skin, so you can easily skip bronzer!


When you swatch the beige it’s chalky. The other two shades swatch beautifully and the colour payoff is insane!


The idea behind this is that you can use the shades individually but swirled together, you will get a multi-dimensional shade of blush adding depth to your face.

When you swirl all three shades of the blush together, you get a duo-chrome, iridescent burnt coral shade. It looks stunning and the swatch doesn’t do it justice. It catches the light beautifully leaving a soft glow that exudes femininity. When you swirl the blush together is does sheer out. I like this because you can build the intensity to your liking instead of having a highly pigmented blush and with one touch, you end up looking like a walking advertisement for the circus! I am sure most of us have done this at least once.


Blend it into your contour for a natural look or create the illusion of higher cheekbones but lightly dusting it on the high points of your cheekbones. This isn’t a long-wearing blush but it will last you an 8-hour day without noticeable fading. By the 6-hour mark, you will notice it fading a bit. It doesn’t claim to be the’ stay all day, sleep with it on and you’re good to go in the morning kind of blush’.


L’Oreal says that you can use the highlight shade as a highlighter. But when I blended out the lighter shade, it looked like baby powder with glitter, random glitter, not cute.


The only thing I could think of using the strip of coral in the centre is with a short shader brush, blending brush, or even an angled brush. But I don’t think it would work out . . .

These shades are best worn swirled together and do make great eye shadows as well. The shades in 102 Nude Beige are perfect for spring and summer.



This is a sure winner in my books. Yes, with my blush collection, I probably have something similar, but if you are a first time buyer of blush or want to expand your collection, I recommend this, because it’s great quality, the colour is universally flattering and unless you attack your face with your blush, it’s has just the right amount of pigment to make you glow. Not every one like the BAM highlight, if you fall into that category, this blush is for you!

Where to buy: Clicks, Dischem and other L’Oreal stockists.

Price: R169 (Don’t be shocked, L’Oreal isn’t the ssshhepest brand, you and I know it!)


This is  an everyday blush that isn’t matte or one-dimensional. The highlight shade combined with the blushes gives it the edge over any blush I have tried from the drugstore. What are your thoughts on blush? Have you hit pan on any blush you own or do you skip blush all together in your make up routine? Let me know, down below!

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful

Love you like I love blush


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