Jouvence Cream . . . did it work?


Just under two months ago , I told you guys that I was testing out the Jean d’Avèze Paris Jouvence Cream and two other moisturisers from the line. Here are my findings . . .


If you want to read the  initial thoughts on the products you can click here.

Jean d’Avèze Paris Jouvence Cream is  a topical cream of choice for acne and surgery scars, stretch marks, aging skin and other skin imperfections.


I found the texture too thick and it left my skin feeling greasy the more I used it. I had a mild reaction to it, a bit of redness. It went away fast. It is definitely luxurious but too thick for my skin type. Super dry and mature skin will benefit from this cream. Skin does feel softer, smoother and looks more radiant in the morning!

Price: R905


White Lotus Cream (note this is a sample size)

This lightweight moisturizer is smooth, luxurious and  designed for sensitive skin. I was able to use this both during the day and at night. I absorbed quickly into the skin. White Lotus Cream is an ideal make-up base because it hydrates the skin without the grease!

Price: R825


Throat and neck cream

Indeed, I saved the best for last. This cream claims to, moisturize, protect and nourish the fragile skin on the throat and neckline area.

This works. I haven’t lost gravity in my throat or neckline YET . . .

This cream is lightweight and super hydrating. It had a smoothing effect on my decollate area, which was visible after two weeks of using it. If there is one product you pick up, it’s this one!

Price: R655 (She’s sssspensive) If you want to check out the rest of the range and the other products on offer, visit:

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all, really, really . . . really



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