The hunt is OVER!


It was the week we found out that Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint, the week I am to start my new job and the week I found out that NYX

was now available online!

When I post pics on my Instagram or review NYX products, I’m asked where I bought the products. It’s heartbreaking because NYX is not always available in Clicks stores in South Africa.

I’m fortunate that my local Clicks and the one in Sandton City usually have stock of certain products but sometimes they don’t. This first-world problem is real AF!

While checking my Clicks Club Card points on the Clicks website, I noticed a trolley icon. Ooooh, the money-draining icon meant SHOPPING!

To my amazement, I found that you can buy products online and have it delivered to your door. I found that they carry most brands Clicks stocks . . . not only beauty . . .but even popcorn makers! (true story)


I am using NYX as a point of reference because this and Wet n Wild are perhaps the most difficult to get your hand on. NYX is in my top 3 drugstore makeup brands and while it high-end, I love their products and you will find many reviews on the blog of these products.

When I checked the NYX section, under the category ‘brands’ unicorns cried and angels sang while playing the harp. There is it was, products I love, new releases I hadn’t seen in stores, I mean NYX brushes, contour products, even, wait for it …. the NYX Wonder Stick!

Adding to that are the amazing deals on offer! Could I ask for more? Yes, but this will do for now lol!

So, to my fellow South African beauty junkies, the hunt is over, well, somethings were out of stock, so add to cart while you can. I think this is a real game-changer (Again, first-world issues) But for us, slaves to makeup, this was a definite, precious find. It has probably been around for ages, but I found it now.


Who else is excited for this?imagine NYX jumbo Pencils, the Highlight and Contour Pro palette, the Illuminators (everyone needs Ritualistic) I know I will be placing an order soon as soon as I settle into my new job. Believe or not, I do much more than blog. Ps, kudos to those who blog fulltime, I tried it and unfortunately, I couldn’t work it!

Until next time,

stay blessed and beautiful

Love you all, more than online shopping



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  • Hi Prativa, yes I am so happy about Clicks online. They confirmed yesterday that my Wet n Wild order is on its way. Yay!!

    Now I am looking for certain NYX Lingerie shades: Push up, Bedtime flirt and Ruffle trim. My sister bought it – oh so pretty!!

    Good luck with the new job 🙂

    • Yay! Im just so thrilled! I may be the last person to have found out but so glad I did! Ooooh, I’m gonna check out the wet n wild stuff!

  • Firstly all the best on your new job 🙂 This is so exciting. I did manage to get the Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in milk, the Nyx micro brow pencil( lol remember my non existent eyebrows) this should work, I think. I also got the Nyx HD concealer in Medium. Its to light for me 🙁 lol I just chose it as I was not sure of my right shade. Guess will just have to make it work 🙂

    • Hi hunny, thank undo much for ur well wishes. The new job is just as hectic as my old one but I thrive on the adrenaline! I tried staying home since Jan cbut I was going nuts. Once I get into a new routine, I’ll be posting more. , u n them brows! Let me knw how the brow pencil is. You will def make it work. They used to have a yellow corrector that was v good. Just dab your foundation around the highlighter like I did in my vid. I need to go and order some nyx now

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