Duped! MAC Lip liners and Lipsticks: Whirl and Velvet Teddy . . . and MORE!


As a beauty blogger, I am constantly testing new products and depleting the funds in my bank account. Of course, it’s all in the name of makeup and it’s essential for my blog (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)However, the result is a makeup collection that is shamefully excessive. On the flip side,

I have a variety of makeup products to use and play with, which I find very relaxing . . .

On Sunday, I was playing with my lipsticks and looking for MAC lippies I bought a while back and haven’t used yet, when I got out two of my faves MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC Lady Danger.

They looked familiar, but I couldn’t place where I’d seen them before. Then I looked into my drugstore lippie collection and I found the familiarity! Four Wet n Wild lippies. Light bulbs went off in my head and my heart started racing! Could they be dupes?

And so the swatch fest began and lo and behold, they were dupes indeed

I am picky about dupes. Firstly, I have to have both products to compare them too. It sounds logical, no? But I have seen dupe reviews and dupe videos on YouTube where the ‘according to the beauty community, it is a dupe’ SMH . . . guys I have no filter, it’s trie though, that level of mentality drives me up the wall!!!

It should look the same, feel the same and if I’m lucky enough, have the same wear time and colour pay off.




Wet n Wild’s Bare It All is a dead on dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy. n


Wild’s Purty Persimmon is a total dupe for MAC’s Lady Danger.


These swatches don’t lie!

It gets better, if you have been following me for a while, you know, I am addicted to lip liner because I have the worst lips in the world! They are dodgy AF and I need to use lip liner with my lipstick else I will have a permanent crooked smile when I’m not smiling.


I buy MAC lip liners. I love them, the texture, the formula, but I don’t like the price. I looked at the lip liners I wear with the Wet and Wild lippies ,the smudge lip liners in Medium Brown and Robust Red.


I use MAC Whirl with MAC Velvet Teddy as well as my other nudish brown MAC lippies and MAC Cherry with MAC Lady Danger and most of my red MAC lippies.


With Spring and Summer upon us, I love wearing fuchsia lipsticks , like MAC’s Girl About Town and I usually pair it with MAC Prolong Wear Lip Pencil in More To Love. Staring at me was Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Indian Pink.


So I swatched the lip liners side by side and struck gold!

Dupes, dupes, dupes!!!!!!

I never in my life thought I would find a dead on dupe for MAC Whirl, the lip liner Kylie Jenner made famous!

The smudge gel lip liners are a little softer than MAC lip liners, so they can break a bit easier. But they feel smooth on the lips and unlike the MAC lip liners that can tug at the lips.


So guys, those are my dupes.

smudge gel lip liners

Price: R29

Where to buy: Available exclusively at Clicks or www.clicks.co.za

Wet n Wild Mega last lipsticks

Price: R44,99

Available at selected Clicks stores or www.clicks.co.za

MAC Lipstick – R240

MAC Lip liner – R230

MAC Prolong wear lip pencil – R260

MAC lip products available at MAC counters and FFS nationwide or www.maccosmetics.co.za

Do the math, the money you save is ree-damn-diculous!

I  filmed a lip swatch video but was unhappy with the quality but another one will be filmed soon so you can see live swatches.

For now, take my word for it, have I ever lied to you?

Do you have any dupes to share? Let me know, down below and get the conversation poppin!

Until next time

Love you more than I love dupes

BUT less than I love finding dupes for YOU!



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3 thoughts

  • Thank you for sharing this very important 😉 info!!
    I own Bare it All – so I quess MAC Velvet Teddy then

    I also bought Red Velvet from WnW (beautiful orangey red).

    Wine Room is also beautiful.

    Never new about the shade Purty Persimmon. Want to get it.

    Sorry, I do not have any dupes to share 🙁

    • Ooooh…. I have red velvet, it is stunning but when I compared it to Lady Danger it was more red. Purty Persimmon was dead on. I had either stoplight red or spotlight red from Wet n Wild which was pretty close to MAC Russian Red. I’ll have to buy that one again and test it against MAC Russian Red to confirm that’s y I didn’t include it in my post. I must get the lip swatch vid up. It’s amazing when u see it swatched live on the lips be t to each other! Thanks for commenting hun and I will be sure to check out wine room. Xoxo Prativa

  • This is definitely an exciting find 🙂 thanks for sharing Tiva… I dont own any Mac lipsticks (I know… The horror!) But these dupes are fantaatic. I really love Bare it all. Will be sure to pop by Clicks asap x mwahz

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