MAC Whisper of Guilt . . . . Becca Opal Dud? (Review and Swatches)


Every makeup junkie has heard of the elusive MAC Whisper Of Guilt (WOC).

For years, people have been paying thousands of ZAR to get their hands on it! I missed it when it launched the first time but managed to pick up three other Extra Dimension Skin Finishes from the MAC Magnetic Nudes Collection that was launched in 2012. Last year, when MAC released the

Magic of the Night collection and came out with MAC Oh Darling! (See Swatches and Reviews here) I thought perhaps it was a dupe but I could never do a dupe review or video because for me, I need both products to do a dupe review. I think I went into that little rant in a past post when I called out people who do dupe reviews with ONE product SMH.

Anyhoo, honestly, I am very underwhelmed with the previews of holiday collections I’ve seen on media.

It’s “same crap, different gift wrap. BUT when I heard that MAC was re-releasing WOC my heart skipped several beats. MAC came through . . . really, really, true story. . .


The MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact includes a powder highlighter and blush. Both shades are repromotes. The colour payoff is insane and the texture is finely milled.


So what is a MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish. MAC describes it as a liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face. True, when applied in the right way.


The packaging is made of durable plastic. It has cerise and purple leatherette around the compact with the MAC logo, the sides around the compact as well as the design on the middle embroidered on in gold thread. Totes, fancy!


The mirror is gorgeous and an elegant touch!


It is the type of metallic, high-shine, you can see you from a speeding Gautrain kinda highlight. It is long wearing and delivers all that it claims to . . . True story.

MAC WOG is a warm gold with a hint of peachy undertones and frost finish. The texture is a bit stiff but you can pick up the right amount of product if you exersice grace and don’t attack your compact . . . true story . . .

It has a wet look to it, similar to the finish of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed but, like I have said many times, these Extra dimension Skinfinishes are not for the faint hearted. your highlighter will enter the room before you do . . . true story

Yes, it will emphasize pores and texture, you may even discover things on your face you never knew you had when you use this highlighter.

I believe that anyone, of any age can wear it. I am a firm believer that while bloggers/vloggers will review a product and tell you how THEY feel about a certain product . . .  it’s not Gospel.

Pleasure Model is a medium-dark, coppery orange with warm undertones and a satin sheen. The pigmentation was great. It doesn’t fade on me and lasts a good 12 hours. I honestly believe that they stay power of a cheek product depends on the foundation you wear. If the base is long-wearing the highlighter and foundation with stick like glue and be long wearing too.

This compact will really compliment olive to deep skin tones, if you are a paler Prince/Princess, this may pull a bit too yellow and the blush may be too intense.

Comparision Swatches


MAC WOG, Estee Lauder Heatwave and Becca Opal

I say with confidence that I was the FIRST blogger in SA to bring you the Becca Opal and Estee Lauder Heatwave side by side comparison review back in 2014, which you can read here. This is when I realized that I lived a few minutes away from the Becca store and had been living near a gold mine for years. They have moved now so I will have to amend a lot of my posts, bummer. why do I detract like this????


All three highlighters look different the pan.


As you can see Becca Opal is a lot peachier than WOG but very similar to Estee Lauder Heatwave (LE). I was gonna stop there and say, well, Becca Opal is close enough, until . . .


I pulled out my Becca Champagne Pop. You can read that review here


Honestly, I can see that the highlighter in the middle is warmer . . . but  . . . mmmmm!


Honestly though, in person, I would say that Becca Champagne Pop is much closer in shade than Becca Opal. Who would have thunk?

I feel violated or being in a long, unhealthy relationship. . . all those years, I’ve been living a lie, thinking Opal was THE ONE!


They look nothing alike in their pans. (Left to Right: Becca Champagne Pop, MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face and Becca Opal.

Okay, so Estee Lauder Heatwave is a dupe but it’s Limited Edition BUT Becca’s champagne Pop isn’t. That’s your best bet to get it, if you missed WOG this time. In my opinion, it’s a 98% dupe.

Did you miss out if you didn’t get it? that depends on who you speak to. For a die-hard MAC fan, you missed out . . . save for eBay.

For a highlighter junkie . . . you missed out but you’ll get over it . . . there are many goldie, peachy, highlighters out there.

For ME, I hit the jackpot, and I know, no one likes a show-off, but I am so glad I got mine, the OG! Okay I bought two. I feel complete now . . . true story 🙂

Honestly, if you missed out on this, there are so many new highlighters on the market, I think you can find plenty of similar shades.

I know MAC has come out with the In The Spotlight Collection, that has permanent Extra Dimension Skin Finishes and New shades of Strobe Creamso MAC threw us a bone. I will definitely be picking up a few of those. If you have tried them already , let me know below 🙂

And so, the hysteria has died down, Donald Trump is US President and we begin the wait for the next sighting of the ‘Lochness Monster’ we call WOG . . .

Where to Buy: MAC FFS or selected MAC counters (It is sold out online )

Price: R595

Do you think they MAC should stop this hide and seek and forget this treasure hunt vibe they have going on and just make this highlighter permanent. Or do they just like the Justin Bieber-effect of the mere mention of WOG? Let me know, down below.

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful,

I love you more than WOC and Becca CP  . . . True story



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