Glorified Moisturiser? Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer

urbandecayprimerBrightening and tightening, when I turned 25, those words were hot buttons. Today, they still are. I have been obsessed with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, pro everything anti-aging. So when I saw the Urban Decay Complexion primer potion, that promised to revive dull skin,

reduce the appearance of fine lines and prolonging the longevity of my makeup, I couldn’t resist, especially with the warm weather hitting us in full force.


The packaging is gorgeous, and I am sure you have heard of the genie bottle, Aladdin references.

The purple and metallic lilac packaging is beautiful and I do not own a prettier primer, really, really, really. The packaging on the Becca Backlight Priming Filter is more luxurious, not prettier. I like primers and foundations that come in tubes, it is more hygienic. But is you squeeze too hard, you will waste product, but the precise needle-nose tip makes it so u don’t squeeze out too much.

But, what’s inside . . . The Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion is not a silicone based-primer so it doesn’t have the slip, traditional primers do, which I don’t mind.

This primer is white when you squeeze it out the tube but turns clears as you rub it into your skin, it is moisturizing and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and a bit tacky, ready for foundation application. It does have a slight glow, which doesn’t show through if you put a full coverage foundation over top.



The claims read more like an anti-aging cream:

“This lightweight, oil-free includes Matrixyl 3000, celebrated for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres also minimize the look of fine lines while leaving skin beautifully moisturized. Your skin will look youthful, lifted and firm.”

Does it prolong the wear of my makeup? Let’s say, it didn’t do anything spectacular compaied to my other face primers. I did go in with a pore-minimizing primer on my T-Zone. Truth is, my skin isn’t very oily nor do I have enlarged pores, so I am perhaps not the best candidate.

Does it tighten? Well, when I pull my hair into a tight pony tail I get more of an effect!

This is a glorified moisturizer, so if you want to be extra get it but know you will have to go in with a second ‘proper’ primer like a pore minimizing primer on targeted areas. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with oily skin, stick to oil-controlling primers.

Where to buy: Urban Decay FFS, Foshchini in Eastgate

Price: R450 for 28ml

Will your splurge on this or give this a pass? Let’s get the discussion popping down below!

Until next time,

Stay Blessed and Beautiful

Love lots and lots like jelly tots



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    • Yip, for the price I think a Smashbox primer will be better or the rimmel protect primer or the catrice prime and fine! I’m glad ur still on my grid reonette, I have missed u

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