It must be love! Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter liner (Midnight Cowboy) Review and Swatches


While I am a total hip hop and RnB junkie, I really do like Nirvana, it just wasn’t the same after Kurt Cobain took his own life. I love Aerosmith (love Steven Tyler) and I like Jon Bon Jovi.

So I can say with conviction that if they did come to South Africa, I would buy a ticket to see Aerosmith.

That said, what I would buy more of is the Urban Decay


This is the best glitter liner I have ever used. It is water based and buildable, with super fine glitter suspended in a clear base.

Usually, in my experience with glitter liners, you can’t build them up without making a hot mess, they do not dry down and you are left with glitter fallout as it fades and dries throughout the day. More often than not they smell like Bostick and hair gel. Maybe, that’s just my experience.


The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy is a beautiful gold that isn’t too bright, that wants to be pewter. My shade descriptions are so on point!


This stuff dries fast and once on your lids, doesn’t budge!

Urban Decay says you won’t have to shake it because the glitter is suspended in a gel, it won’t separate in the bottle (so you don’t need to shake it like you do with watery formulas).



It also has Peach and cucumber extract condition the skin, while carrot extract smooths and softens.

I don’t know about the veggies in it, but this stuff is a glitter lovers’ dream.

I love applying it over matte eyeshadow, over my lid for sparkle or going over top my winged black gel liner.

It easy to use, a real game-changer. The one think I hate about it is the price. Buy this is you really, really, really, really love glitter liner.


Where to buy: Urban Decay FFS Sandton or Foshini in Eastgate Mall.

Price: R260 for 7.5 ml

Like I said, you really need to love glitter liner

Do you think it’s highway robbery to pay that much for a glitter liner?

Would you buy it at that price or ask Santa to gift it to you?

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful,

Love you



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