Surprised! Urban Decay Illuminated Trio {Review and Swatches}


The Urban Decay Shimmering Powder for Face and Body has never had good reviews, to be honest. But this is not that illuminator. Urban Decay has

come out with a limited edition is Naked Illuminated Trio that contains three NEW shades of our coveted Shimmering Powder for Face and Body

Each shade contains light-reflecting particles that give skin a luminous look. Simply dust on this smooth, silky powder wherever you want to create an instant glow—for a radiant Naked look from head to toe.


The Naked Illuminated Trio fits in the palm of your hand and includes an exclusive double-ended brush.

Use these powders to highlight from your cheekbones to your collarbone and beyond. For even longer wear and an intensely sparkly effect, spray the brush with All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray before applying. Planning to wear these shades on the legs or décolletage? Try mixing them with lotion or oil.

Housed this trio in a luxurious case, then preloaded it with a generous mirror and a brush (sized just right for the powders inside).

Naked Illuminated gets baked on a terra cotta disc for 24 hours, then finished by hand. Baking the powder gives it a high level of just-perfect shimmer (without the metallic look of cheaper formulas). It also provides the color payoff of a loose powder, the convenience of a pressed powder, and the feel of silk.



Pyrite (Gold Champagne)

Twilight (iridescent pink)

Oasis (Marble Frosted Taupe)


Pyrite is the smoothest in texture, it is leans bronze

Twilight surprised me. It has a pink and lavender duo-chrome with shimmer. The shimmer is not microfine nor big enough to be chunks of glitter.

I applied it over powder, didn’t use a setting spray and I only noticed fading after the six-hour mark. They was no migration of sparkles either, which I was really afraid of. This also makes a fantastic blush topper or an eyeshadow.

Oasis  . . . mmm, this is one I would advise using on the body only. It is a stunning colour, overshadowed by chunky glitter. It looks beautiful.

It does come in a cardboard  box that it bulky, but sturdy enough for travel and has a magnetic closure. Love the mirror!


Final thoughts 

I think that you have to be a lover of a certain type of highlighter. If you like variety, this is great value for money and a chance to try another highlighter that isn’t Becca or MAC. Let’s keep it real, when we hear extra Dimension Skin finish or Becca’s Champagne Pop or Opal, we get wide eye-ed and bushy tailed. While I am not the biggest fan of the shade Oasis, I do believe the you can make use of it by dusting it on your body rather than your face.

Is this the best highlighter I have used? Hell no! I recommend this only because , it got me out of my comfort† zone and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous Twilight looked on me. Who would have thunk? I mean a pink with lavender shift on my skin tone? Yoh, it make me realise why I love makeup.

Recently, the ugly side of this blogging world has been getting me down (it does have a good side, with wonderful bloggers/vlogggers), the politics, b$$sh%$, fakesters, back stabbers and all the drama I hate! Who knew blogging was this soul sapping? When I put this highlighter on, it reminded me of why I love make up and blogging, not for views or buying into hype or the fact that I abhor Alli Express knock-offs and want to write about it, but because I always wanna keep it real AF and I love make up and playing with makeup, reviewing makeup and sharing my experiences with you. I may throw in a tutorial here and there, I need to up my Youtube game.  lol! Seriously,though, I may not say what you want to hear, but you know I will always keep it 100%, terms and conditions DO NOT APPLY!

I do not promote fake nonsense, in fact, I have a very interesting post that I am debating whether or not to post . . .

Back to this trio, I like it. I advise a highlighter junkie to pick it up, because it is great quality, but a select few may want the variety, some like what they like . . . and there is no shame in that.

None of these shades clash with my skintone, they all work, really, really. It caught me off-guard because I expected it to bad quality and flaky. FYI, don’t believe everything you hear. This trio isn’t horrid . . . true story.

If this is your first highlighter, get this, it is a great way to try different colours and find ways to use highlighters, other than as a beacon of light. There is nothing like it on the South African market at the moment and this is a great deal.

If you love having variety on the go, experimenting with different shades and textures of highlighter, mixing and matching as you go along, this is legit the palette for you. I gives you a sense of freedom that is unparalleled. If this little palette could make me fall in love with  makeup again, I am sure it will stir up something in you.

Let me know what your favourite shade is or do you have other highlighters in your collection that are similar? Get the discussion popping down below. 

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful,

remember, do you and stand up tall,

I love each and everyone of you very much



Beauty Bugle



Where to buy: Naked Illuminated Trio  is available from the Urban Decay stores in Sandton and inside

Foschini Eastgate.

Price R650

Stocks are limited so hurry if you want this!


Disclaimer:  Item was sent to me from Urban Decay SA for review.

Fact: I don’t bullsh@%t and if you have been following me for a while, I have high standards and rant far too much to a follower!


4 thoughts

  • Pyrite looks gorg… Not a fan of the other two colours. I wouldn’t pick this up, I have a BodyShop highlighter that does me wonders and I didn’t pay an arm and a leg… I also love my Gerard cosmetics highlighters they are beautiful! Definitely put up that post you are contemplating, who cares for haters 🙂 do you boo xo

    • Thank u Leila, for always keeping it real my babe. Please share the name of the body shop highlighter, I totes wanna try new highlighters. If there is anything locally u want me to review, let me knw. U knw I think nothing of haters. I find too many NICE reviews and it’s time ppl understand what REALLY goes on. I need to get all the recipts first! Love u babe

  • This is really beautiful. Love the swatches and your blog post. Don’t worry about the rest. Just keep on doing what you are with your head held up high 🙂 Stay strong hun

  • I tried a few highlighters but recently I am enjoying the Catrice Glam Glow – soft with no glitter – just a beautiful sheen / glow that lasts
    ALL day !

    Please do a tutorial / grwm using Twilight 🙂

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