Not Again! NYX Love Contours All {Review and Swatches}


I bought the NYX Love Contours All palette from the NYX US website  when my husband bought some items from the US and asked if there was anything I wanted. I grabbed the opportunity and picked up a few things from NYX.

Now with the opening of the World Of NYX opening at Clicks in Menlyn Mall, we now have so many products on offer, I can’t wait to visit the store.

However, let’s talk about this palette.


The packaging is cute and sleek. I love the high quality mirror. It doesn’t have a magnetic closure but it snaps shut so that’s good enough for me.



This is a palette has 9 eyeshadows, two brow powders, two highlighters and a bronzer/contour shade.

It reminds me of the Smashbox Shape Matters palette, for that review click here

The concept is pretty cool, one palette to carry on the go! NYX says this palette is all you need for complete definition. It includes pigmented eyeshadows in edgy, neutral tones, blendable highlighting and contouring shades, and beautiful brow powders.




(LHS of the palette)

The Gold highlight is gorgeous but is not finely milled, however, it looks stunning on the skin.

Thee contour shade is far too cool on my skin tone to be a contour shade, it’s a flesh-tone.


The eyeshadows are hit and miss. There is a good mix of matte and shimmers.

The darker shades are difficult to blend out but the metallic shades are super-pigmented and creamy, with an excellent colour payoff, with no noticible fading. They are much like the prismatic eyeshadows, which are amazing.

The size of the shadows are small, the same as the MACX9 eyeshadow palettes. Overall the eyeshadows are mehhh . . .


Pale pink – matte

Shimmering taupe

Rose Gold- shimmering, foiled, metallic



Eggplant: matte, difficult to blend

Light Peach:  matte with micro fine silver sparkle.

Red Brown:  super pigmented



Reddish brown copper – stunning metallic shade.

Matte lavender

Matte navy/black



The highlight is a pale pink with high-shine and is a beautiful shade. This looks a bit stark in the pick but really flatters dark skin as it’s not as start on the face.


The bronzer is very warm but the colour is not the MAIN issue, it wil not blend.

Had the same problem with the contour shades in the NYX Highlight and Contour palette


The brow powders are excellent. A taupe for blondes and a dark brown for brunettes and those with ebony hair.


My issue is with the contour shade. Firstly, it looked too dark on me. I didn’t blend out and I tried and tried. So I walked around with a helmut head and brown stripes on under my cheekbones. This sticks, I tried buffing it away with translucent powder, I tried highlighting to emphasize the the brightness and detract from the brown spripes, nothing helped.

If I wasn’t going to work, I would have removed my makeup but I had to test the other products, so I went to work. I think they are used to seeing me with strange makeup . . . when do I test makeup.

What works on my nerves about this palette is that it focuses on contouring, but the contour shade does not blend out. Why? What about the shade? If it is dark on me and I am an NC40/NC42, who will this suit? Why not have two dark shades. Pale to medium beauties, this will not suit you.

Surprisingly, this palette is sold out on the NYX US website. I can’t say I am upset that I haven’t seen this in stores yet, lets hope it doesn’t hit out shelves.

This was a  disappointing product. Again, NYX failed with their contour shades.

Let’s get this right, NYX!

Where to buy: It is sold out on the NYX website and I am not sure if will hit our shelves.

Price: $22 (USD)

Has anyone tried NYX bronzers or contour powder? How do you find them or am I applying it the wrong way?

Let me know, down below.

Let’s get the discussion poppin’

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful



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