Oh Darling! Beach Friendly Hairstyles for Summer


When it comes to time spent on the beach, major preparation and planning for ladies goes into what to wear and what hair style will work best. One of the biggest concerns for most women is how best to maintain hair in order to avoid hair extensions tangling after taking a swim with friends or a splash in the waves.

1. Wear it up, down or sideways in a bun, a side sweep bang

2.Shave your sides and twirl it up in a Mohawk

3. A bit of colour is always a great way liven your style, whether you choose highlights, ombre’s or decide to opt for full colour.

Rounding up more trendy looks this summer, is the One Million braid hair piece which is a firm favourite. It can be styled for a casual look or a glam. One of the most popular hair styles is the high bun, giving any look instant sophistication.

First off, braiding hairpieces takes time but the results are spectacular! I am a hairstylist but this is on another level. I wish I could wear them (I am currently working on how I can incorporate it into my hair, true story)

Application in stages:


then . . .


then . . .


and the finished result! of course there are other steps but I think we get the art . . .


Shorter weaves are great for summer but not so great if you planning to swim, as the weave won’t last as long as planned. Achieve the short weave look with Darling Hair’s, Tamika hairpiece for a sassy filled summer.

“Whether you’re spending the hot summer days laying on the beach or partying it up with friends, Darling hair has the perfect hair solution to complete any desired look” concludes Pearle Peane, Senior Brand Manager Darling Hair.

This is my personal favourite, these, funky, colourful, playful Instagram Baddie look! Ke Summer Boss, so pull up in style . . .


Which hairstyle will you be rocking this summer?

Vist their Facebook page Darling Hairstyles to keep up with the latest hairstyle trends and competitions so you will always be on top of the game!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s the first of it’s kind on Beauty Bugle. It’s a great way to try new things for the new year!

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