Close, but no Cigar! Maybelline V Shape Duo Contour Stick [Deep and Medium – Review and Swatches]


Cream contouring is not as popular as powder contour. Personally, I understand the struggle.

Contour shades often do not match. Shades are off, especially for women of colour sometimes they are too ashy or too orange. The highlight colours do dark skinned girls like me can be too stark and white and look unnatural and ashy. Women of colour need something with more of a yellow undertone for a highlight.

Also, cream contour can take ages to blend so peeps tend to avoid it like a daughter-in-law avoids her mother-in-law (Well, 99 percent of the time!)

When I saw the Maybelline V Shape Duo Contour Stick, I was very excited. When am I not about make up? I picked up two Deep and Medium. I liked the look of the contour shade in Medium and liked the highlight shade in Deep.


So I wasn’t being extra, ok I was and I can’t lie to make friends, you know I am high-maintenance.

Ok, first off, the packaging is practical. It’s retractable. It’s colour coded at the bottom of the bullet, showing the varying shades of brown from light to dark, corresponding with the shades.

I think the shade combos, while not perfect in my opinion, are very workable, it’s not a disaster.


What is a disaster is the way the product is put together? The highlight and contour shades are placed together, in exact halves. Firstly, the product tapers into a bullet point Once you use it, the chances are that you are more than likely to lose that ‘V’ shape of the stick and be left with a blunt stick, which makes it difficult to use.

And I do not know how to sharpen it. I could use a sharp knife and shave off the sides, but that’s way too much admin for me. I bought it because it is ‘V’ shaped, allowing for contouring and highlighting in hard to reach places of the face.


The product is emollient and is a dream to blend out. However, this means shades overlap on the product so the highlight is browny, yellow and the contour a yellowy brown.

You can clean it off with a tissue, but that wastes product and ain’t nobody got time for that ish!

Also there is very little product.

This product, while a good drugstore cream contour stick, has more issues than my ex-boyfriend and is not worth it. Dang, it had so much of potential . . .

And she’s ssssssspensive. Sorry Maybelline, this is a miss. I know that Maybelline has come out with highlight and contour sticks, but who knows if it will reach our shores. A great alternative is the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealers or on the other side of the spectrum the ABH Cream Contour kit

Do you think I’m being too OCD? Too picky?

I’m sorry, I speak the truth, ya’ll know deal.

Have you tried the Maybelline V Shape Duo Contour Stick? What are your thoughts?

Let’s get the discussion poppin’ down below,

Price: R169 (Told you she’s not sssheeep)

Where to buy: Maybelline counters nationwide. Dischem and Clicks are your best bets.

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful,

I love you all to the moon and back.



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6 thoughts

    • Haha Reonette, u r totally right! I don’t like wasting money. It was so close to being everything. Smh. Well, a hunting we go again. I want to try a nyx contour cream but the shades look so off! Thank u for always having my back

  • Thanks for this review and swatches. I was tempted to buy it but so disappointed that they only have two shades for such a massive company. Definitely will give this a miss… Thanks Tiva xo

    • Hi doll, yip the shade selection is fair, medium and dark. I mean, I am so over these companies that are working off statistics that are 25 years old and let’s not get me started no how ineffective their PR is. Companies need to take stock and take a hard look at themselves and understand their LSMs and demographics because they are definitely losing a big piece of the market share.

  • You’re right to be picky, a product should work without issues. They should’ve had the separate colours in a double-sided stick. In this format, the colours are going to mix. Looking forward to you finding your HG cream contour.=D

    • Hi Linda, I am so happy u share the sentiment. yip, every cent counts and ewe as consumers have a right to the best. any products for cream contouring you recommend? xoxo

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