YOH! R1300 Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick!


So . . . this foundation is hella SSSSSPPPNSIVE! I never thought I’d go off the deep end like this. The Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation has been so hyped, I hate when I fall in love with expensive things . . . because I will have to repurchase and not eat for a month

I got a gift card from the hubby from Stutterfords and I drove like a maniac to get home so I could go to Sandton City. I knew Tom Ford was expensive . . . and almost fainted when I heard the price, legit, my legs turned into jelly.

However, the darling Makeup Artist tested out the foundation on me. I never let anyone touch my face so it was a first. I wasn’t blown away but the coverage. One swipe was sheer and it took 3 layers to get it to full coverage. I will say though that after three layers, it didn’t sink into my pores or fine lines. It is quite sticky and dewy, no really my thing . . .

the shade the makeup artist used #8 was too red so I got one shade down because my major concern was oxidation and I prefer to darken my foundation if it is slightly lighter with bronzer.  #7 Tawny will probably suit me in the cooler month, when I get lighter.

I like that it had no perfume, or chemical scent. The issue for me is just how it wore on my skin.


As you can see (or not) it disappears when blend, so it is ‘traceless’ lol



Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation is 15g of product The packaging is in a Tom Ford’s signature elegant, sleek and chic glossy brown tube with golden rim and TF logo.


With stick foundations, I am wary of the cap opening while travelling, but this cap closes tight so it is great handy for traveling.

Three small strokes on the forehead, one long swipe on the nose, three large strokes on each cheek, one short stripe on the chin and one gentle dab on the upper chin. Then I blend the foundation gently with a dense synthetic brush. The result is flawless and natural like second-skin.

Tom Ford Traceless Stick comes in twelve shades. They have the mixture of both pink and yellow and red, cool, neutral and warm in the colour

The spot-on shade match is also maintained throughout the day on my skin thanks to the infinitesimal oxidation of Traceless Stick. In this regard, it beats my other favourites Estee Lauder Double Wear, Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick and NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundations The NARS and Estee DW oxidises me like a woman scorned, but I love the formula.

However, this ‘oxidation’ doesn’t help me. I got one shade up it was fine, once I put on a second layer, it turned ashy. This is buildable, but although I bought a shade too light, the Face Powder in the shame shade was a perfect colour match. that post is to follow soon 🙂


Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick is far too dewy for my liking and lasts about 4-5 hours before I notice it settling into my fine lines or rubbing off on the sides in my nose.

It does cake up and has a greasy feel during the wear. I have to use a primer and set this foundation with powder

I don’t like this foundation. Apart from the fact that I need 2 sticks to get my perfect shade, I don’t think this should fade,

A good stick foundation is the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation; I would get that instead as an alternative.


The Tom Ford Traceless Stick his sticky, takes a while to build up, shade selection is limited, the oxidation leaves me looking ashy. Will I repurchase, hell no! I have better things to buy with my coin!

Where to buy: Stutterfords

Price: 1300 (NOPE that wasn’t a typo)

What’s the most expensive foundation you have bought and did it work for you?

Let’s get the discussion popping; down below

Love you all



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  • That price !!

    I’m not sure but I think the price of my L’Oreal foundation was R229 and it did not work – very dissapointed.

    Thanks for the post.

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