Sssssspensive AF!Tom Ford Bronzing Power (Gold Rush)


If you have been following me for a while, you know I love bronzer. I have always wanted a Tom Ford bronzer, but the price . . . well . . .

I thought this product was over-hyped but I still wanted it. All I have to say is the hype around this is real AF. This silky, lightweight powder flawlessly accents my tan skin

One of its claims is that it features an exclusively formulated mineral blend of sunstone, amber and black tourmaline crystals combined with unique pigments.

I love the shade on my skin. It’s not too orange or too grey or brown. It the perfect toasty shade.


I love the dimension this gives my face. It’s warm and sexy.  I definitely love to wear it nowadays because I am a bit off contouring at the moment. I does have minimal shimmer, which I guess doesn’t really match the name . . . but I am  certainly not angry about it! What’s in a name . . .?


The packaging is stunning. It’s in a white compact edged with gold. It looks luxurious and feels luxurious.



This is what I don’t get, while I will not get through this bronzer fast, the larger bronzer in the range, which will take me at least 5 years to go through wasn’t double the price?

It makes more sense to buy the bigger bronzer if you like this. If you love bronzer as much as I do, this is all that you need and then some!

Price: R1400

Where to Buy: Stutterfords

Are you a bronzer junkie like me?

Whats your fave bronzer?

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful

You are all my bronze goddesses!



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