WTF! The Primer Sheer Radiance Make Up Base clocks in at R785!


I never wear foundation without primer. And I was looking for a new primer. To be honest, I wanted this primer because I really wanted the Marc Jacobs primer that is also white and raved about in the YouTube Beauty Community.

I was fortunate to get this primer as a gift.

This primer has SPF 30 and comes with a pump dispenser. It has this lock and unlock contraption. Either I am technologically challenged or the mechanism makes it difficult for me to get product out of the bottle. It is in a heavy glass bottle with a gold cap and pump.


It has a white lid which looks classy, much like the packaging of the Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Gold Dust.


I like that it comes in the same size bottle as the liquid foundations for packaging consistency and easy storage.



The primer is a white fluid with a medium texture.


I use about 2 pumps for my face. It is hydrating and does leave a slight white cast on my skin.

This is a meh primer for me. I hate saying it because it was an expensive gift.

It’s like a luxe body lotion, it’s not thick enough to be called a cream.

This primer makes your foundation go on smoother. It does nothing for pores or fine lines doesn’t extend the longevity of your makeup. And I don’t have oily skin. I don’t think this would be a good  for oily skin. Beauties with dry skin may like this.

Overall Thoughts 


I like that it’s not heavy. It doesn’t have the slip of most silicone-based primers.

If I were to buy a similar primer, I would try the Urban Decay Face Primer Potion. That, while I feel is a glorified moisturizer, at least has some tack that makes your foundation last longer with the added hydration. I will never repurchase it, it’s not worth the money at all, invest that cash in skincare. Update, it’s almost finished after 5 uses and the product is difficult to get out the pump! Classic case of JUST A PRETTY FACE!

Where to buy: D&G counters. Selected Red Squares sell it.

Price: R785

What is the most you would pay for a primer? Let me know down below. And please subscribe, we have fun times here, no?

Until next time, stay blessed beautiful my angels,

I love you 






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