Yaaaaaasss! Maybelline Facestudio® Master Strobing Sticks {Review and Demo}

I’m going through a non-metallic, stripe kinda highlight phase. I prefer, softer highlights on the regular. So these Maybelline Facestudio® Master Strobing Sticks are a welcome edition to my cream highlighter collection. Cream highlighters,

when applied correctly will give you a gorgeous glow, subtle, classy and elegant. Let’s keep it really, I love me a good ‘blinder’ (extra metallic, high shine, BIG pan of shimmer eyeshadow), but sometimes it can be a bit instagrammy, not that it’s a bad thing, it looks stunning. However, there is nothing subtle about it, we’ve all heard the you can see it from space jokes and it’s true because your highlight stands out, not your skin.

Cream highlighters tend to melt into your skin and are more forgiving, becuse you don’t need to pile on the product to make an impact. It’s just soft and feminine, like cream, lace dresses  with a hemline that touches the knee.

Maybelline Facestudio® Master Strobing Sticks  is an illuminating highlighting stick that adds targeted dimension to the face for the ultimate strobe effect.


The packaging is plastic, it feels cheap, not gonna lie. But there is something about the bronzy ombre outer packaging that look incredible. It’s a twist up stick with a clear cap and the shade name written on the top of the cap. The cap can come loose if you’re not careful. It’s like my pet-peeve with wet n wild megalast lipsticks, same vibe. But the product is good.

The strobing sticks come in three shades:

100 Light- Iridescent

200 Medium – Nude Glow

300 Dark – Gold

I am tan and all three show up on my skin, but I love mixing Gold and Nude Glow. That just me being extra, but you can go via your skin tone , Light-Medium Dark, but like I say, do you boo, and makeup should make you happy and boost your confidence, so choose a shade that makes your heart smile.

HOWEVER, I think that if you have very deep skin, 100 Iridescent may not show up on you and if you are very, very pale, 300 Gold may be a tad too dark, especially if you want a ‘bronzy strobe’, yes I just made that up, like I have several words in this post.

It’s fool-proof, dab on the high points of the face, it really brings out the cheekbones, well it does mine. It has a soft focus finish that is beautiful and I have found it beautiful to use as an eye gloss, you know the glossy eyelids that’s on trend at the moment? I have done a YouTube Tutorial using them, you can check it out here.

To enhance cheeks – highlight top of cheekbones.

To accentuate features – dab down the bridge of your nose a bit in your forehead, note I say DAB.

Use as an inner corner highlight and graze the high point of the brow bone.


Overall thoughts

The formula of these are amazing. It’s lightweight, not waxy and easy to build up to the glow you want. I highly recommend these, these may be the only cream highlighters at the drugstore, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Price: R160

Where to buy: Selected Maybelline counters and online stockists nationwide.

Will you be buying these? Do you like cream highlighting or prefer liquid or powder highlighters?

Let me know, down below.

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful.

Get your glow on

And smile . . . it’s free, 99

Love you



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