YIKES! YOH! Catrice Precious Copper and Modern Matte

They say the eyes have it? I believe that so when I saw the Catrice Precious Copper 9-pan palette, I was shook!

I love eyeshadow palettes, and if I find one that is a hidden gem, you can rest assured that I will be shouting about it. I haven’t been blow away by many drugstore palettes. The LA Girl Shimmer bricks

and the Maybelline Blushed Nudes are my favourite so far. The rest have been awful and meh!

The Catrice Precious Copper reminds me of the Essence All About Bronze palette, however, the texture of the Catrice eyeshadows are drier.

The shades are pretty, the palette is shimmer city, a few mattes thrown into the mix with a sculpt and highlight shade, that leads me to believe this is an eye contouring palette of sorts. The shade and formula selection are too limited to get the shade and light effect of eye contouring.

Th swatches look promising but do not translate on the eye that well. You have to use Fix+ to get the pigmentation of the shimmers. The matte shades are good, for the price.



I would suggest using your fingers to apply the shimmer shades for maximum colour pay-off. The shadows also change to a wired texture one you dip your brush into it, and it’s difficult to scrape off the weird layer.

However, with the help of some bronzer to give me some warmth in my eyeshadow look, I can see myself create simply everyday work makeup to a smouldering, copper smoky eye for a glam night out.

Price: R100

Where to buy: Dischem, Takealot.com, redsquare.com and selected Edgars stores


The Catrice Modern Matte

When I saw the Catrice Modern Matte palette, it reminded me of the Smashbox Shape Matters palette. The shades are cool-toned but varied enough for my melanin infused self to pull off.  And thinking of an all -matte drugstore eyeshadow palette filled a void in my heart.  I know that’s deep, but I’m strange like that.

The packaging is cheap. You can see the shades through the clear plastic, which is a pro, I guess. The eyeshadows swatch fine, though a little dusty.

You know, I cannot sugar-coat this, I am finding it difficult to put my feelings on the palette into words.

This is the WORST palette I have ever come across. All beauty, no brains.

The shadows are dry and you will get carpel tunnel trying to blend this out. It has zero pigmentation. I mean over primer it’s ok, but I don’t want to slather MAC Soft Ochre paint pot over my lids to try to get this to show up. Where is the pigment? Why bother with this palette? Such a waste!!!




Overall RANT!

I understand that essence and Catrice are sister companies, and in my experience, many of their products don’t cater to darker skin tones, but jeez I mean, I don’t think this would show up on anyone.

I hope they discontinue this palette, it’s such a shame, the shades looked so promising. If this is modern matte, I’d prefer to be old-fashioned.

Get it together, Catrice!

Where to buy

Dischem, Takealot.com, redsquare.com and selected Edgars stores

Price: R100


I really think that this is a waste of money and not the hassle to make some shades work.

If you have tried it and perhaps have an alternative  way to use them, let me know in the comments down below. Lets get the discussion poppin’

Until next time

Please choose budget buys carefully!

Love u 



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