Hot or Not? Urban Decay Naked Heat {Review and Swatches}

Oooooooh! I have heard it all, Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette is bringing the heat, the spice, and all things nice! It’s a must-have for summer, spring, your wedding day and going to Pick ,n Pay . . . see what I did there, I rhymed that!

This 12-pan eyeshadow palette is indeed the hot ticket with a mixture of shimmers and mattes in an array of the oh, so trendy, warmer, more orange and red-based hues.

I mean, I have the Morphe 35O, the MAC X9 Hot Pink and Red (Review coming shortly), the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and the ABH Modern Renaissance, I couldn’t help myself, I needed the palette to complete my Urban Decay Naked palette collection.

The packaging is stunning, its outdone my love for the Urban Decay Naked Smokey packaging, which is gorgeous.

I love The Orange, Rust and Gold Ombre cover and the raised lettering! It has a magnetic closure so it’s safe to travel with. It is a bit bulky, but to be fair, the Urban Decay Naked palette and Naked Basics  are the ‘slimmest’ in the Naked series, except the Naked Basics 1 and 2, which are not full palettes, so I don’t think that counts).


It has a large, high-quality mirror, which is always a plus.

Onto the eyeshadows. I thought I was being extra (who am I kidding, I am extra, well sometimes *cough * cough) by getting this palette for add to my collection because I felt that I had the shades in the other palettes I mentioned. Too be fair, I have SIMILAR shades, having these shades in this one palette is nothing like I have in any other palettes I own.

It is for the most part a cohesive palette, I wish there was a lighter shade to use as an eyebrow highlight and amid-tone brown because there is a light-ish brown and a deeper brown and then shifts to a red brown, like 0 to 50km/h then 80-100km/h . Side not, I have never driven over 100km/h . . . my anxiety about driving is real. The overall look and feel of the palette is a deep and warm smoky, if that makes sense.

It comes with a high-quality dual-ended brush which I really like.

One side can be used to pack on colour and the other to blend out. I never through these out.



All round, I think that the eyeshadows were mostly hits in terms of quality, one shimmer required MAC Fix+ and a few darker mattes were difficult to blend. For the most part the texture is dense , just like an ex-boyfriend.


Ounce is a light, golden beige with warm undertones and a soft, pearl shimmer. It has a soft focus opacity.

Chaser is a very matte, light brown with warm, peachy undertones. The eyeshadow blended out well

Sauced is a light peachy brown with a satin finish. It is a great transition colour and blended excellently

Low Blow is a medium brown with warm, orange undertones and a matte finish. It has excellent pigmentation that applied smoothly and was easy to blend.




Lumbre is a medium, coral-red with warm undertones and golden iridescence. This shade was the worst, because it barely showed up dry. It had decent opacity when wet but applied on the lid smoothly and evenly. It wore well wet and I noticed a bit of fading.

He Devil is a warm reddish-brown with warmer undertones and a matte finish. It colour looks deep in the pan , but is not as opaque when blended out. However, it loses at least 50% of its opacity.


Dirty Talk is a muted, deep rust with orange undertones. Excellent pigmentation, no need for fix plus. The texture is soft, prone to slight fallout.

Scorched is dark reddish with a metallic sheen. It is highly pigmented and has a touch of fallout because of its creamy texture.



Cayenne is a muted, dark brown with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. The colour applies smoothly, blends easily but needs to be built up to get the true shade you see in the pan.

En Fuego is a matte reddish plum. I found this a touch dry and difficult to blend, but it’s nothing annoying, you just have to put in some elbow grease.

Ashes is a blackened plum. This swatches patchy. But it’s easy to blend and build up opacity so you ca get a smooth  finish.

Ember is a deep, almost plummy bronze with pink shimmer.. It was intensely pigmented with a really smooth, creamy texture. Very easy to work with and for me, the standout shade in the palette.

TIP. Frosted or shimmer shades prone to fallout is best applied to the lid with your finger tip.

Overall Thoughts

I know that based on the colour wheel, colour theory, shades like these make blue eye pop! It is true, but my angels, if makes brown eyes sparkle and to be fair, it makes all eye colour do the Mexican Wave! It is also brown-girl friendly, really, really . . .

If you have warm-toned palettes already like I mentioned in the intro, you don’t NEED this, if you are a makeup junkie/addict who wants to complete their UD Naked collection you NEED it.

If you’re on a budget and want to try out these shades and get a wider colour section for a cheaper price, try the Morphe 350 (Ya’ll know I hate the quality of that) you can get that from (they sell authentic products) or the dupes of that palette that are out there. South African–based makeup companies such Swiitch beauty and Dupe Factorie (IG handles) and Glamoresa come to mind. I am not sure of the quality of either brands, but they shades are definitely around the same theme.

However, this is a good quality warm toned eyeshadow palette, and if these shades are your thing, this should be on your wish list.

Where to buy: Selected Foschini stores with Urban Decay counters or Urban Decay Standalone Stores.

Price: Breathe in, exhale . . R850 … this iiiiish is sssspensive, but worth it if you are into these shades.

Will you buy this palette or would you rather the other warm toned palettes?

Let me know if you feel this product has been overhyped?

Let’s get the discussion poppin’ in the comments section.

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful

Love you fiercely



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