Worth the Buzz? Urban Decay Naked Honey {Review and Swatches}

Sometimes what you see is not what you get, usually attached to a negative connotation, however, when pics and swatches of the Urban Decay Naked Honey surfaced on Instagram, it looked 


unappealing. However, in person, it was much more vibrant.

Gold is a beautiful shade of eyeshadow. A kiss of gold on the eyelid spotlights a simple eye look and elevates its impact.

The newest edition to the Urban Decay Naked series of palettes has  “honey”-coloured shades with mattes and shimmers. The 13 gold and amber eyeshadows complement any skin tone. The shades warm up any look, but there
 are still some mid-tone shades that makes this palette more neutral.



The Packaging

The palette has a magnetic close and is a sturdy bronzy-gold plastic component. The words Urban Decay Naked Honey are raised, with ‘honey’ having a swirly font. The background also has raised swirls, with give off the feel of flowing honey. (pancakes and honey anyone?)

It has a huge, high-quality mirror.

The Urban Decay Naked Honey palette also has a dual sided brush, which is great quality like all the brushes they include in their palettes. It has a blending brush on one side and a smudger/packing brush on the other side.

The eyeshadows are a bit hit and miss, with more hits than misses.

Some of the metallic shades are flaky and cause fallout. However, for me, every matte in this palette, in various shades of brown, more especially, has great color payoff and is easy to blend without getting carpel tunnel!

Flyby is a pale, yellowed beige with a satin sheen. The shade is a pretty brow-bone highlight shade for deep complexions as opposed to a stark white. It is a satin so it isn’t very opaque. When I used it as a buffer shade, it got lost against the darker colours, which then made the other shadows look a bit murky. The shade is great, just a bit too satiny-sheer for me.

Sweet is a light peachy brown with a satin finish. The kick up in pan was nothing annoying. It makes for a great transition shade. The pigmentation had to be built up, but it glides onto the eye.

Swarm is a light pop of orange with warm, yellow undertones and a matte finish. It had good color pay-off, while being slightly powdery, again, nothing annoying. It does sheer out a bit when blending, making it a great shade for buffing out harsh edges.

Amber is a rich, molten gold with strong, warm undertones and a metallic finish. It had opaque color coverage in a single layer, which adhered evenly and blended out easily on my lid.  It isn’t too firmly pressed into the pan  and is a great buffing shade as it sheers out.

Keeper is a brighter, light-medium brown with warm, golden undertone and a matte finish. The texture was slightly drier and thin with a bit of powderiness, but it applied evenly and blended out nicely.

Golden is a coppery gold  with warm, yellow undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. 

Honey is a bright, medium gold with strong, warm, and a greenish gold undertone  a with a sparkling, metallic finish. This is another one-swipe wonder with a soft and smooth formula. but there was a bit of sparkle that resulted in light fallout during application. It’s one of those shades like Fenty Trophy Wife, it’s either your thang, or not. a bright, medium gold with warm, yellow undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. The eyeshadow had rich colour payoff with fallout.

Queen is a medium brown with warmer, slightly olive undertones and flecks of gold and bronze sparkle and micro-glitter. It had opaque pigmentation that applied well to bare skin but sheered


Hive is a matte medium brown with warm, golden undertones. It a one-swipe wonder (not a one-hit wonder, don’t get it twisted because it lasts from dusk till dawn.)

Drip is a light-medium brown with soft, warm undertones and a matte finish. It has some kick-up and is a one swipe wonder with full opacity in a single layer.

HBIC is a medium copper  with a metallic finish. The consistency was soft, slightly drier and more loosely-pressed with light fallout during application. It is easy to blend and delivers full pigmentation in one layer. (Head Bee In Charge is a fitting name, especially if Bee was replaced with a 5-letter word).

Sting is darker matte brown a hint of warmth. The eyeshadow has a soft formula, full on pigmentation and blends out well.


It’s a yes from me. This is a great palette if you love golds and browns. They look especially good on those with blue eyes and those with brown eyes (even my black eyes!). This is easily my favourite Naked palette to date, followed by the Naked Heat palette. With the exception of the flakey Golden and Honey shades, (the fallout is not that serious), I find the formula consistently good. I love the variations of brown to really build a framework for an eye look. It’s can go from day to night in a flash and I am deeply in love. (Sorry Naked Heat).

Where to buy: www.urbandecay.co.za, stand-alone Urban Decay stores or select Foschini stores and Foschini online.

Price: R920

Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked Honey pallete? What are your thoughts? Will you buy it?

Until next time my angels,

Stay blessed and beautiful



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