I’m berry sorry! Loreal Berry Much Love Mega Palette {Review and Swatches}

I am always excited to see drugstore eyeshadow palettes, so when I saw this 16-pan Loreal Berry Much Love Mega Palette at Dischem, I grabbed it, literally.

I haven’t heard many people talking about this palette, I didn’t understand why. The Loreal Berry Much Love Mega Palette is very sssssspensive ringing in at an R299. Who do you think you are Loreal? Who?

The Loreal Berry Much Love Mega Palette is very sssssspensive ringing in at an R299. Who do you think you are Loreal? Who?

The mattes in the palette are beautiful, has opaque pigmentation for the most part and are easy to use. Not all shades are true to pan and there is significant kick up.

However, most of the shimmer shades are terrible and do not intensify, even when used wet. Using your dialers will deliver some opacity, however, they are more like eyeshadow toppers. This could be due to the shimmers being tightly packed, so it doesn’t pick up easily on a brush. Even as a professional makeup artist, I couldn’t make the shimmers work to create a foiled effect.

The colour story is stunning and unique, so it’s a pity that the quality of some of the eyeshadows is sub-par. Perhaps I got a dud (I’m trying to be nice! Actually, I have built my reputation based on my “I give it to you straight- no chaser, so I don’t think it’s a factory fault).

Some may say it’s perfect for beginners for need to build up colour slowly. Seriously though, there are other palettes on the market that are better for that. I guess Maybelline set the bar high with their Lemonade Craze and Sweet Temptations palettes, which I own and love.


It resembles the NYX ultimate palettes. For the steep price, the packaging looks and feels cheapy. Due to the flimsy packaging, I would be terrified that it would break so I won’t be taking this on vay-cay. And there’s no mirror.

Let’s go through the shades.

Left to right top row:

Shimmery peachy pink – Doesn’t translate well on the eyes, opaque enough to be a brow bone highlight and not much else.

Matte peachy mid-tone brown – Opaque with good pigmentation and blendability

Satin mid-tone rose – Lacks opacity.

Duo chrome purple with a pinky shift – opaque but blends out patchy. You really need to blend, and blend and blend to make this shade work. Did I mention that you need to blend to make this shade work?

Second row -Left to Right

Peachy bronze shimmer – nice pigmentation and shows up when used with a wet brush on the lid. Again, you need to build up this shade.

Peach Pink duo chrome shimmer with a gold shift – Stunning shade, but sheer. It will not come to the party even with a wet brush.

Creamy muted lavender – Matte with a soft texture, a dream to blend and opaque.

Reddish pink matte brown – opaque and easy to blend.

Third row Left to Right

Satin copper rose – Opaque and great for packing on the lid.

Matte Fuchsia – Opaque with soft texture and excellent blendability.

Iridescent purple with a satin finish – Medium opacity, but great to pack on the lid

Deep matte plum – Soft and creamy, opaque, but blends out patchy (another high-risk carpal tunnel shade).

Fourth Row Left to Right

Shimmery Lilac – Lacks opacity. I can only see this working as an inner corner highlight.

True matte Purple – Lacks full opacity. Does perform well on the crease, but great for packing on the lid.

Deep Matte lavender -Poor colour pay-off.  Difficult to blend. I can’t think of any use for it. Perhaps you can stare at it, and that’s it.

Matte Smokey purple – Excellent colour pay-off, surprisingly easy to blend.


Final thoughts

I do not recommend getting this palette. While the mattes are a nice formula, and it’s will suffice for a good matte look, it’s nothing groundbreaking. I think the price-point doesn’t warrant the quality. Makeup Revolution pallets are far better for the same or cheaper price point.

I suggest eating berries and cherries to reap the health benefits.

Never settle . . . I’ve prescribed to that mentality most of my life (Ooops, that was deep, deeper that the colour payoff of the shades in the palette).

Where to buy: Selected Dischem and Clicks stores, in-store and online. Selected Loreal counters nationwide.

Price: R299 (*Coughing, clearing throat and feeling robbed*)

Have you tried the Loreal Berry Much Love Mega palette? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sound off in the comments section below and get the discussion poppin’

Until next time,

Stay blessed and beautiful


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