Versatile Rimmel & Kate Moss face palettes {Review and swatches}

While I was not active on my social media since my husband’s death two years ago, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t buying make-up. I guess it was therapeutic or PTSD.

So, I wasn’t sleeping on the Rimmel Kate Bronzing, Blush and Highlighter face palettes, I just didn’t have the motivation or happiness to blog about them. But I’m back and testing out makeup that may not be the newest, but new to me and that are currently being sold. I want to kick myself because much of the make-up I bought was limited edition so you can’t buy the items anymore.


The packaging is plastic, feels a bit cheap. It with coppery-gold rimmed around the palette, as well as two stripes that show the shades inside. The windows allow you to see the shades in three powders in diagonal wells. It has a snap closure. However, I would make sure I pack it snugly in your cosmetic bag because if you are a kluts like me, you can drop it and shatter it.

In terms of the set-up, the shades goes from top (light), medium (middle) and (last) deep, which corresponds with the skin tone respectively.

Bronzer palette

The bronzing palette can be intimidating because they appear to be shimmery. However, once on the face, it blends out into a satin sheen, that feels like silk satin pillow cases . . .

There are three shades that accommodate light medium and dark skin tones. Those shades that do not work for you can be used as highlighter and/or eyeshadow. I think the deepest shade works well as a contour shade for medium/tan skin.

The highlighter palette


The texture of these are smooth, soft and buttery.

The first shade is a pinky/light silver and is geared toward light skin. This will make a great eyeshadow for deeper skin, great for an inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight. The second shade is a beautiful gold, and the last a bronze. The last two shades will look amazing on medium deep skin tones. No glitter, just sheen.

The blush palette

This is the most brown-girl friendly blush palette for tan to medium skin tones. This a by far my favourite trio. If you get one face palette, this is the most universally flattering.

The blushes go on smooth, no skipping over powder and foundation and blends out effortlessly. Three rosy shades. The middle shade colour has a bit of sparkle so you can glow without a highlight. The other two shades have a satin finish.

Final Thoughts

The inclusivity of these palettes are to be admired. The versatility is its unique selling point and ultimately it shows that makeup doesn’t need to be used for what it is marketed as, and that you can play with your makeup and surprise yourself!

I have heard of these palettes being prone to hardpan, I have not experienced this with these palettes: here’s a explanation of what it is:


Hardpan occurs when the oil from your skin transfers onto the powder. This creates a thin, hardened film on the top layer of your powder products such as blush, highlight and bronzer in this case. This makes it impossible to get to the soft powder underneath difficult to pick up product on your brush. . . If this does happen, which people have complained about, don’t bin it.  You can scrape off the top layer and get to the soft powder or you can use clear tape on the surface of the powder and peel it off. This will remove the hard layer. Now you’re good to go!

Where to buy: Selected Rimmel counters nationwide

Price: R179

Will you try one of these face palettes or do you feel that face palettes are a waste of time?

Sound off in the comments below.

Love you all to the moon and back



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