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My foundation turned orange!!!!! Why?

So you went shopping and found the perfect foundation. Right undertone, right formula and the make up artist tested it on you in store, so you were colour coded! And what, what . . .

It was a bit pricey, but hey, you’re worth it!

Now, you can’t wait to wear it out to show off your flawless face . . . to your hubby, your annoying mother-in-law and those envious co-workers . . .


Then you apply it and to your horror it changes colour . . . going shades darker or even orange. Why does this happen? It’s called oxidization.

Now, this can happen with liquid, cream, powder, mineral/loose foundations as well as BB or CC creams.

Worse still, it doesn’t always strike immediately, it can happen minutes, as you’re about to walk out the door hours later at the mall or at work. .

And doesn’t matter if it’s a high end or a budget friendly buy. It is all about how your skin reacts to the ingredients in the foundation. You can only know if a foundation will oxidize on you when you use it.

You have to test it out. Ask for a sample. If that’s not an option, wear it after a make up artist has applied it to your face or apply it to your jawline and walk around for a few hours.  If the colour doesn’t change, chances are it won’t oxidize.

I could give you various theories on why foundations oxidizes, the acidity in your skin, the climate, oils, but at the end of the day it boils down to how YOUR skin and YOUR skincare products react to the ingredients in the make up.

Some tips to note:

Using a shade that does not match your skin’s can make you look muddy or a hot mess.

Never, ever, use old make up, if it’s past its sell by date, chuck it in the bin.

Using a primer may help by serving as a barrier between the skin and the foundation.

Take heart, while trial and error may be frustrating and expensive, if you want to use up a foundation that changes its color on you, you can use a lighter shade of powder foundation over it or pressed powder to set it.



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