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Mid-week Mystery: Gold Digger?


When I got married, as per tradition, my husband had to buy me 16 gold ornaments. He did . . . and then some. I got earrings, 6 solid gold bangles, a mangal sutra (traditional necklace worn by some married Hindu women), a nose ring and my wedding rings. However, I only wear my wedding rings and mangal sutra because Read more

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Behold, the eye cream with sunscreen! Clinique – Superdefense Eye Cream SPF 20

Clinique – Superdefense Eye Cream SPF 20
To wear or not to wear, this is the question. The debate about whether or not to wear eye cream will never end, in my opinion. Some people say you don’t need an eye cream, especially during the day because most eye creams do not contain sunscreen. I have been wearing eye cream since I was 18 years old and I’ll wait until I hit my 40s to see if it’s all been worthwhile.
I wear eye makeup concealer and eye make up for about 5 days in the week so eye cream gives me a sense of comfort that my delicate under eye area is being protected and given a little TLC.
I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Clinique skin care range and I remain loyal to my Skin Medica regime. However, Clinique is known to create products for sensitive skin so I thought why not give it a try, especially for wearing in the day because my Skin Medica TNS eye repair has no SPF. It was solely the SPF 20 that made me buy this cream.
I do have sensitive, dry skin and as I get older, I appreciate the anti-ageing benefits any product can offer. When I applied the cream, it did not sting probably because it is fragrance free. The texture is smooth, fast absorbing and non-greasy. After application, the cream left a soft, dare I say, shimmer? This has a brightening effect on the eye area. It is defiantly hydrating but there was no WOW factor for me. The packaging is in an opaque tube that works well to keep the light-and air-sensitive ingredients stable. Many women don’t realize how important the packaging and storage of skin care products are. Often, if not stored in a cool, dry place that is not in direct sunlight, many of the beneficial anti ageing ingredients can break down so the product may not get a chance to live up to its claims.
Even though I did notice a an ever so slight white cast on application, perhaps it’s the titanium dioxide in the sunscreen, it did fade away. I liked that it didn’t cause my eye makeup concealer to crease or fade. My under eyes looked slightly brighter . . . but my enthusiasm for this cream ends there.
I’m on the fence with this eye cream because it’s ok. It’s not bad nor is it great. The price is a bit high (R415) but I won’t buy this product again for that reason. It just didn’t do it for me. For women with very sensitive skin, who are looking to find a decent eye cream, try it, it may work for you. In my opinion, there are far superior eye creams on the market.

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Clinique All About Lips

I hate dry lips and I have dry lips. It gets worse in winter and I have tried every product out there to get rid of the problem. I had all but given up hope that I would be slathering my lips with Blistex for the rest of my life and exfoliating with a soft toothbrush forever (which works great and costs close to nothing) until I found Clinique’s All About Lips cream. It was first anti-ageing lip cream I found. It promised to deflake, deline and hydrate my lips and it delivered immediate results. After dabbing a small amount of product on and around my lips, it looked smoother and the dryness was gone. This product is spot on! As for the anti-aging benefits, time will tell.
I alternate this lip cream with my Blistex/ toothbrush method, old habits die hard.
But the Clinque All About Lips cream does work, for me at least, and I’m on my bottle and if dry lips are preventing you from wearing your favourite lip gloss or matt lipstick, the R260 you will spend on this product will be worth it.

This wonder cream comes in a plastic bottle with  pump.
This wonder cream comes in a plastic bottle with pump.


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