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{REVIEW) LA Girl Blush Brick (Glam)

The concept of the LA Girl Blush Brick wowed me and the product didn’t disappoint . . . well there were some chinks in the armour . . . because I’m brutally honest like that . . .


LA Girl Blush Brick
LA Girl Blush Brick

The one and only product I have ever used from LA Girl is their Hi Definition concealer, which I think propelled this American drugstore brand into the spotlight.

Today, there is rarely a beauty blogger or vlogger (yes this concealer took YT by storm and the gale force winds are still blowing) that doesn’t call it their favourite.

I was late on the train with the eyeshadow bricks and didn’t pick one up because there was never any stock of them at Dischem.

However, they did come back into stock and with it saw the release of the LA Girl blush collection blush bricks. I am a bit late on that train too, but at least I’m on it and didn’t miss it altogether.

I love the concept of a highlight, bronzer/ contour and blush palette, which is something I saw only one other drugstore brand in South Africa bring out (That little compact was poorly colour co-ordinated and that was the end of that).

Great concept, just didn't work out for me. Sorry.
Great concept, just didn’t work out for me. Sorry.

There are four shades in the Brick collection: Spice, Pinks, Glow and Glam.

I got the LA Girl Blush Brick in Glam and I know whoever put this palette together wasn’t colour blind!


The pair of blushes in the Glam palette is highly pigmented. Each powder has blush, bronzer and highlight etched onto the powder. You can’t go wrong!

There’s a matte, hot pink and a shimmering paler pink. The hot pink definitely makes a statement, but when paired with the lighter, shimmer shade, create a multi-dimensional effect on the skin that doesn’t have a hint of sparkle, just a luminosity and sheen.

The hot pink blush and pale pink blush topper
The hot pink blush and pale pink blush topper

The bronzer is a deep matte cool-toned chocolate brown. It doesn’t have a hint of orange and this is difficult to find in bronzer/contour palettes, especially when you have dark skin like mine.

The bronzer is perfect to really chisel out your cheekbones with ease. I love that it’s matte, something else that’s difficult to find at the drugstore.

The highlight, well, being a highlighter fiend, and knowing how limited and difficult it is to find a decent drugstore highlight, is a pretty golden highlight, that shows up on my skin. It is brown girl friendly! #browngirlsayyay!


That said, if you have dry skin, these powders will cling to dry patches and this makes it a nightmare to blend. My run-in was with the blush, which is beautiful but it is so pigmented that it stayed put and after powdering and blending and putting that motion on repeat, I was able to get a less-intense clown cheek.


The highlight is beautiful but the swatch doesn’t translate on the skin. It is subtle for me, who likes a BAM in your face and highlight. But while you may not be able to see it from space, it is there and packing it on will not see you looking like tin foil. I like that because it doesn’t accentuate any fine lines or pores and it’s not chalky at all. None of the powders are. I found the bronzer to be deep enough to contour with but slightly to cool to add warmth to my skin. That said, it’s didn’t look bad at all, it’s just a matter of preference.

The wear time is insane, lasting all day, without fading. I was surprised that the blush didn’t fade because blush is usually the first to go. Spritzing your face with a hydrating mist is a game-changer, with the highlight popping and gleaming. This is when the magic really happens. All the colours pop in a good way and blend together in an undeniably beautiful, vibrant and feminine way.


The packaging while made of cardboard is lightweight and has a glossy cover with a sizeable mirror inside. I would tie a rubber band around it when travelling because there isn’t a solid closure; it’s a blush book of sorts. I’m not complaining because for the price, I really want to know how LA Girl managed to pack such a pigmented punch into such an affordable palette.

Price: R99,99

Where to buy: Dishem (LA Girl cosmetics is exclusive to Dischem)

When to buy: NOW

When to use: Every day

How to use: with a light hand!

Have you tried the LA Girl Blush bricks? How did you find them and what was your favourite shade? Will you be picking one up?

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful!

Love you more than all the make up bricks in the world!



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Blushing with Wet n Wild!


I hate red wine, I tried it a few times when I thought being a wine expert was something I needed to be, pretentious I know, but it is was it is.

I’d rather eat glass than drink the stuff. People say it pairs perfectly with red meat, I’m vegetarian so I wouldn’t know. Haven’t tasted the stuff.

Despite its name, Wet n Wild’s Mellow Wine blush caught eye during my trip to Clicks last weekend.

Gosh, I make it sound like a trip to Durban, but believe me, when you find a Clicks store that carries the Wet n Wild line, it feels like a trip.

I’ve always been wary of berry/plum, wine blush shades. I’m terrified of looking like a throw back from an era where dark blush applied like a contour shade was on trend. Think the 1980s or present because while blush has moved on, some people clearly haven’t . . . I see these stripes pop up from time to time.

But, each to their own


This blush looked pretty plum to me in the pan, definitely not wine. It also has a pretty wavy pattern etched on the top in keeping with the Wet n Wild theme is guess.

This brush is great for contouring . . .
This brush is great for contouring . . .

When swatched heavily, the colour looks very deep and chalky but once blended out, it transforms into a muted deep rose with fine glitter. This sparsely distributed glitter is not noticeable unless you really get up close and personal. This is a warm toned blush that will suit all skin tones, of course the amount you apply will vary.


Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!!
Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!!

You really need to use a very light hand when applying this blush. I barely needed to tap my brush into this blush for application. There is some fallout but that’s ok, I can deal with it. It applied beautifully on my skin and blended evenly. It didn’t cling to any dry patches. It isn’t long wearing though and will start fading at around the six-hour mark, but you can always touch up. The little brush is not bad and you know I usually throw out little brushes that come with eye shadow palettes and blush. You can do a fairly decent job to apply this blush with it. As a side note, if you don’t have a brush for contouring, this one is great for a start. It’s cut at a sharp angle and the bristles are densely packed. It’s defiantly great to contour the sides of the nose. This brush won’t last long though and I doubt it’s meant to. The packaging is flimsy plastic, which I’ve come to expect based on Wet n Wild products I’ve tried. Because it blush isn’t large, it feels safer.

I bought the blush to test out the formula and it’s definitely a winning one.


Price: RR65 for 4g





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Orange Essence

Blush – Essence – Vintage District – It’s Popul-Art

Yesterday I went to Clicks to pick up some cotton pads and as I walked past the makeup aisle, a glint of gold caught my eye. It was a blush with a gold spray of a flower fantasy pattern and I wondered why I hadn’t seen it before. There was just one left, so I knew it was fate.

The price nearly knocked me off my feet. R45 bucks for a blush? I snapped it up together with a lipstick and gloss duo in the Vintage Peach.

So I’m probably a bit late on this, but this blush and lip product is way too pretty not to share my thoughts on it. It’s a pity that the gold colour is an overspray because he gold is very beautiful, That said, get a few wears of the gold and peach mixed together , it gives of the peachy/coral, golden colour with  an amazing shimmer.

When you say goodbye to the gold, you’re left with a pretty decent peach, satin finish blush. While it goes on bright, the colour fades fast and only wears for about two to three hours.  This is not not an investment buy, but it’s a nice blush to add to your collection if you u like the peachy coral shades of blush and don’t want to break the bank to get them.  It’s a pity this is a LE  blush. You can still go out and check Dischem and Clicks, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a few floating around.

Now for the lip duo.  I got the shade in Vintage Peach [a peach-orange with a slight gold sheen. The colour payoff in the lips stick is very poor but the gloss is highly pigmented and you can pull off wearing the gloss by itself. With orange being huge this spring, this is definitely a lip-gloss I be looking to shaking up my look.

Overall, Essence has done really well in developing these LE collections and the formulas have really improved .These colours are bang on for spring.  I wish I had known about this collection earlier, would have loved to have tried the nail polishes and eye shadows.

Great value for money, on trend and beautiful for the price.



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