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{REVIEW) LA Girl Blush Brick (Glam)

The concept of the LA Girl Blush Brick wowed me and the product didn’t disappoint . . . well there were some chinks in the armour . . . because I’m brutally honest like that . . .


LA Girl Blush Brick
LA Girl Blush Brick

The one and only product I have ever used from LA Girl is their Hi Definition concealer, which I think propelled this American drugstore brand into the spotlight.

Today, there is rarely a beauty blogger or vlogger (yes this concealer took YT by storm and the gale force winds are still blowing) that doesn’t call it their favourite.

I was late on the train with the eyeshadow bricks and didn’t pick one up because there was never any stock of them at Dischem.

However, they did come back into stock and with it saw the release of the LA Girl blush collection blush bricks. I am a bit late on that train too, but at least I’m on it and didn’t miss it altogether.

I love the concept of a highlight, bronzer/ contour and blush palette, which is something I saw only one other drugstore brand in South Africa bring out (That little compact was poorly colour co-ordinated and that was the end of that).

Great concept, just didn't work out for me. Sorry.
Great concept, just didn’t work out for me. Sorry.

There are four shades in the Brick collection: Spice, Pinks, Glow and Glam.

I got the LA Girl Blush Brick in Glam and I know whoever put this palette together wasn’t colour blind!


The pair of blushes in the Glam palette is highly pigmented. Each powder has blush, bronzer and highlight etched onto the powder. You can’t go wrong!

There’s a matte, hot pink and a shimmering paler pink. The hot pink definitely makes a statement, but when paired with the lighter, shimmer shade, create a multi-dimensional effect on the skin that doesn’t have a hint of sparkle, just a luminosity and sheen.

The hot pink blush and pale pink blush topper
The hot pink blush and pale pink blush topper

The bronzer is a deep matte cool-toned chocolate brown. It doesn’t have a hint of orange and this is difficult to find in bronzer/contour palettes, especially when you have dark skin like mine.

The bronzer is perfect to really chisel out your cheekbones with ease. I love that it’s matte, something else that’s difficult to find at the drugstore.

The highlight, well, being a highlighter fiend, and knowing how limited and difficult it is to find a decent drugstore highlight, is a pretty golden highlight, that shows up on my skin. It is brown girl friendly! #browngirlsayyay!


That said, if you have dry skin, these powders will cling to dry patches and this makes it a nightmare to blend. My run-in was with the blush, which is beautiful but it is so pigmented that it stayed put and after powdering and blending and putting that motion on repeat, I was able to get a less-intense clown cheek.


The highlight is beautiful but the swatch doesn’t translate on the skin. It is subtle for me, who likes a BAM in your face and highlight. But while you may not be able to see it from space, it is there and packing it on will not see you looking like tin foil. I like that because it doesn’t accentuate any fine lines or pores and it’s not chalky at all. None of the powders are. I found the bronzer to be deep enough to contour with but slightly to cool to add warmth to my skin. That said, it’s didn’t look bad at all, it’s just a matter of preference.

The wear time is insane, lasting all day, without fading. I was surprised that the blush didn’t fade because blush is usually the first to go. Spritzing your face with a hydrating mist is a game-changer, with the highlight popping and gleaming. This is when the magic really happens. All the colours pop in a good way and blend together in an undeniably beautiful, vibrant and feminine way.


The packaging while made of cardboard is lightweight and has a glossy cover with a sizeable mirror inside. I would tie a rubber band around it when travelling because there isn’t a solid closure; it’s a blush book of sorts. I’m not complaining because for the price, I really want to know how LA Girl managed to pack such a pigmented punch into such an affordable palette.

Price: R99,99

Where to buy: Dishem (LA Girl cosmetics is exclusive to Dischem)

When to buy: NOW

When to use: Every day

How to use: with a light hand!

Have you tried the LA Girl Blush bricks? How did you find them and what was your favourite shade? Will you be picking one up?

Until next time, stay blessed and beautiful!

Love you more than all the make up bricks in the world!



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Glow All Around the world! MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Global Glow – Review

Highlighters . . . liquid, cream, powder . . . they are my weakness . . . and MAC Mineralize Skin finishes have always delivered.


There are a few limited edition Mineralize skin finishes I own and the ever so popular Soft and Gentle is one of my all time favourites. If you know anyone who likes MAC MSFs, it may well be their favourite too. It’s one of those highlighters that suits all skin tones.

I recently, I picked up a MSF in Global Glow and it fits the bill much like Soft and Gentle and this new obsession is real.

macmineraliseglowbalglowfeat macglobabglowfeat2

This is more of a bronzing highlighter and will make you glow like you lit a vanilla scented candle inside you. (That really sounded dangerous. I never thought any sentence containing the word vanilla would sound dangerous, well we live and learn)

This is my first MSF in the new packaging which is old now . . . lol

I don’t like the look of packaging and it can sometimes be difficult to open. Well, in this situation, it’s what’s inside that counts


A mineralize skin finish is a super soft powder with a high-frost metallic finish. You can use it to highlight your cheeks, as a brow bone highlighters lightly dust it like a bronzer (swipe in the ’3’ formation on each side of your face from temple to jawline


MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Global Glow swatched and blended out.
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Global Glow swatched and blended out.

MAC describes the Global Glow as a natural tan with a silver sheen. It’s not as frosty as other skin finishes I’ve tried and not on the chalky side either.

This is a great bronzing highlight for dark skin, It’s not on the orange side and really gives your skin that ‘I’m in love’ glow. Brown girls, this guy is the jam, peanut butter and strawberry milkshake 🙂

Where to buy: MAC FFS, MAC counters nationwide or www.maccosmetics.co.za

Price: R350

Have you tried MAC’s Mineralise Skinfinishes? Which is your favourite shade?

Let me know in the comments below

Until next time, stay beautiful



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Wet n Wild’s bronzer that’s a highlighter!

Wet’n Wild’s Coloricon Reserve your Cabana bronzer is one of the most raved about Highlighters!

To set it straight, this isn’t a bronzing highlighter; it doesn’t warm up the skin as those products would.

All you have to do is look at the cream-coloured bronzer to realize that there is no bronze in there. I guess porcelain beauties can get a light golden glow from it.

The pattern of the bronzer is gorgeous
The pattern of the bronzer is gorgeous

But when this guy hits almost every other skin tone, magic happens, angels sing and cash registers go ca-ching!

I was apprehensive at first because when I swatched it, it was stark white. My thoughts were ashy, white cast, yoh, this guy is going to make me look 50 shades of grey.

Reserve Your Cabana looks chalky and ashy when swatched.
Reserve Your Cabana looks chalky and ashy when swatched.

But when I applied the bronzer to my cheekbones and blended it in gave off a very luminous, natural glow to the cheekbones.

The photograph doesn't do justice to the bronzer . . . er ... highlighter
The photograph doesn’t do justice to the bronzer . . . er … highlighter

The champagne shimmer is subtle. This photo barely captures it at all, but it’s there and it’s stunning. It has a sun pattern and Wet n Wild lettering etched onto the product.


Like the other Wet ’n Wild Coloricon bronzers, the powder is creamy and soft. also has SPF15 and is blendable. To set it straight, this isn’t a bronzing highlighter, it doesn’t warm up the skin as those products would.

But blended over the bronzer on dusted on the high points of your cheekbones, this will leave you with a sheen and luminosity like no other. If you have very deep skin tones, this may look a bit ashy.

Reserve Your Cabana works great as a brow bone and inner corner highlighter. Hell, put it, all over your body!!!

The staying powder of Reserve Your Cabana is good too, but not as good as the other two, in my opinion. There is also a bit more fallout that the other bronzers.


That said, you get a huge amount of product so, you won’t feel bad with it falling out a bit!


Price R100 for 3,5 g

Where to buy: Selected Clicks stores with Wet n Wild counters







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