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Highlight for under R50 with LA Girl

The LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer is off the hook!

This guy is the bizzness! I wanted to use this as a highlighter. If you have been reading my blogs, you know about my obsession with highlighters.


He's the one!
He’s the one!

I bought this at Dischem because I had never tried any make up from this brand so while in the process of filming my very first YouTube video, I saw HD and thought immediately – no white-out. So I bought it.

The first time I applied it, I knew I was onto something here, something big at a very low price.

Lets get into it.

I got onto their website and this is what it claimed:

The LA Girl PRO.Conceal

HD concealer is: Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

Whoa that’s a lot to live up to and it does live up to some of its claims.

First off, it comes in a plastic squeeze tube that has a BRUSH APPLICATOR! Love that. Of course, you know the drill, use it with the applicator for personal use and if you’re a make up artist, no, you can’t.

The LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer comes with a brush applicator.
The LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer comes with a brush applicator.

That said, the bristles on the applicator are super soft and when you squeeze the product onto your hand, the formula is as creamy and smooth as soft serve ice-cream (yummy), so I wasn’t worried about pulling and tugging on my under eye area. BB beauties, when you hit the other side of 25, you know you got to proceed with caution with these kind of products . . .

The product is so opaque that I knew right then and there that this was going to double up as a concealer and highlighter.


The LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer swatches is super pigmented.
The LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer swatches is super pigmented.

I got the shade in Pure Beige. I haven’t lost my mind.. . yet . . . but I wanted to use it for extreme highlighting – not spot concealing.

I got the colour in Pure Beige.
I got the colour in Pure Beige.


It glided on the skin seamlessly and didn’t settle in fine lines. I dusted it lightly with some Ben Nye Banana powder and it looked amazing. It is in your face full coverage, so there is no need to double up on concealer. It wore well for about 6 hours, it did oxidize slightly, but the powder could have been a contributing factor there. Overall, an amazing product and what a steal!


Where to buy: Dischem

Price: R45

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Get it right with MAC Pro conceal and correct palette

This MAC palette has both concealers and correctors and are limited edition. But don’t despair if you want them, the palettes are still available online at maccosmetics.co.za when I checked this morning.

The palettes come in two shades, Light and Dark.

The palette in Dark has six shades.  Four concealers: NC45, NW45, NC50, NW55 and two colour correctors: Ochre and Pure Orange.

The pallet in Light also has six shades. Four concealers: NC15, W10, NC20 and two colour correctors: Pale Yellow and Pale Pink.I have dark skin, but I found the orange colour corrector a bit harsh for my under eye circles, the ochre created a much better effect.

The colours maybe intimidating, but never fear, playing around with the colours will allow you to customize what you need the product to do for you.

The texture of these correctors and concealers are very creamy, very blend able, full coverage and won’t settle into fine lines if applied correctly. To apply, gently pull the eye taut and using a swiping motion, apply with your ring finger. This will prevent the concealer from settling into fine lines. This is the method I use  when applying cream concealer. A client of mine, who had come in for a bridal make up trial said it had a drying effect on her skin and this may be the case with certain skin types. It you have super dry skin and lots of fine lines; you can skip this product or simply apply the product with a damp sponge or concealer brush to sheer it out.

The packaging is sleek with a clear plastic cover showing the colours inside. These are super-pigmented. I did find the black plastic palette case a bit cheap and flimsy, for R450, I expected a bit more.

Overall, make up artists will benefit most from these to use in a starter kit or travel kit.

This will work great in a  starter pack because you’ll need to use a tiny amount of product to see the effect so it will probably last you a while. The darker and lighter shades could also work as highlight and contour creams.

Having said that, the shade selection could have been wider.

Internationally, 4 palettes were launched, which included a Medium and a Deep palette. So for those ladies with medium skin tones, I’d advise to skip this.

There are definitely cheaper alternatives. The NYX range is super affordable and has a wide selection of colours to choose from.


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